FAST Channel Distribution CDN – View TV Revolutionizes industry with Zero-Commitment

FAST Channel CDN from View – View TV Cloud reduces the barrier to entry for FAST Channel operators with an entry level zero commitment broadcast-grade CDN option.

Monday 8th January 2024 – View TV, a leading innovator in the streaming industry, proudly announces a groundbreaking update to its View TV Cloud product, designed to empower content creators and license holders in entering the FAST Channel business with unprecedented flexibility and reliability.

View TV Cloud now features a zero-commitment CDN pricing model, marking a significant shift in the industry landscape. This bold move allows content creators to explore new opportunities in the Fast Channel business without the traditional financial constraints associated with commitment-based pricing models.

Key Features of the View TV Cloud Update:

  1. Choice of Playout Options: View TV Cloud now offers content creators the flexibility to choose between the included managed 3rd party playout broadcast encoding or included subsidized GPU powered cloud TV playout. This choice aims to reduce barriers to entry, increases the standardisation and provides diverse options for different business needs and preferences.
  2. Guaranteed Channel Availability on Kapang: By integrating with Kapang, View TV Cloud ensures guaranteed channel availability, offering content creators a reliable platform to showcase their content and reach a wider audience. Including 100% Ad-fill across all broadcasters.
  3. Proactive FAST Channel Monitoring: View TV Cloud introduces proactive FAST Channel monitoring, enhancing the user experience by identifying and addressing potential issues before they impact the streaming service. This feature emphasizes View TV’s commitment to providing a seamless and reliable streaming experience.
  4. Automatic Backup Feeds: To further ensure uninterrupted streaming, View TV Cloud now includes automatic backup feeds. In the event of any disruptions, the system seamlessly switches to the backup feed, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous content delivery.
  5. Standard Commitment CDN Billing Model: While introducing groundbreaking features, View TV Cloud maintains a simple and transparent billing model based on a standard commitment CDN structure. This allows users to enjoy the benefits of the enhanced platform without introducing complexity to the billing process.

“We are excited to introduce these transformative updates to View TV Cloud, aiming to break down barriers and make the Fast Channel business accessible to a wider range of content creators and license holders,” said Don Cardone at View TV. “Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and flexibility is evident in these new features, providing our users with a robust and user-friendly platform for their streaming needs.”

View TV invites content creators, license holders, and streaming enthusiasts to explore the enhanced features of View TV Cloud and revolutionize their streaming experience.

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Who is View TV?

About View TV: View TV is a leading player in the streaming industry, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for content creators, license holders, and streaming enthusiasts. With a commitment to reliability and flexibility, View TV continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the fast-evolving world of streaming services.

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FAST Channel CDN from View TV with Zero Monthly Commitments

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