FAST Sports Channel – Empowering teams to monetize live sports now

FAST Sports Channel, one of two new channels from View TV, brings live sports to FAST Platforms whilst empowering sports teams and federations to monetize their loyal audiences using the power of Cloud Production, retaining 100% of ad revenues earned and having control over their destiny.

View TV has released FAST Sports Channel as a channel to deliver multiple live sports via an electronic programme guide, EPG, that can be booked in advance by any sports team. to broadcast live on a broadcast-grade streaming TV channel without the need to run a costly dedicated streaming TV channel and adopting a skilled team from two hours per year to regular weekly events.

Cloud Production makes it all possible.

FAST Sports Channel provides a cloud-based live production suite of tools for teams and sports federations to create their broadcast. Ingest a dozen cameras worldwide, multiple remote commentators, frame-accurate ad breaks, multiple sponsor transitions and live graphics using Sports AI to deliver their entire production from a satellite truck, a laptop or an iPad attached to 5G or Starlink in several hours.

How do the sports teams earn money?

Each sports team receives 100% of the ad revenue generated. With a simple SaaS broadcast cost model, earning groups more than existing cable rights in a matter of months with a zero commitment cost model.

For sponsorships, this provides massive reach across multiple devices with centre-stage coverage, bringing national audiences and complete interactivity to their event.

Do the sports teams have to sell the advertising inventory?

Sports Teams on the FAST Sports Channel do not have to sell their advertising inventory, but they are available to sell sports at a yield to their existing sponsors and advertisers with prime positioning.

How does a team book their events?

Each team can book events up to one year in advance, taking at least one hour and up to 12-hour slots daily. Each team pays a fixed booking fee, and the performance of the events is published live via a comprehensive dashboard.

Sports Teams have nothing to lose.

The service is provided with a no-loss cost model for all parties. This means that if the correct process is followed and there is suddenly a large audience, the team will never pay more than they earned in any event at any time of day.

This was essential to developing the FAST SPORTS CHANNEL to ensure the teams generated much-earned revenue rather than losing rights funding and control of audiences.

How does a Sports Team get broadcast on the FAST Sports Channel?

All sports teams should contact the team at View TV via the contact us form or email

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