Los Angeles – 8, May 2022 – Kapang, the CTV platform recently announced its FAST2.0 Standard that provides a more engaging, ‘cable like’ traditional TV viewer experience.

To open up the opportunity to all linear and AVOD content rights holders, Kapang is offering to take new or existing content and recreate their linear channels and/or AVOD/SVOD as FAST2.0 compliant.

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Being FAST2.0 compliant will qualify new and recreated content for revenue share up to 80%, along with improved viewer experience and connection to other platforms with no additional fixed connector or integration fees. Kapang Studios is demonstrating FAST2.0 value by investing in these FAST First commissioning opportunities.

Kapang with its FAST2.0 standard provides a sustainable business model for content creators who do not want to continue just repurposing archive or 2nd use content. They can concentrate on future growth through new content production.

The number of hours watched and the average advertising revenues achieved on a FAST2.0 linear channel when compared to an existing FAST experience, is substantial. An established FAST channel should expect an uplift in excess of a $300k per annum with minimal extra effort when its content has been rebuilt to the FAST2.0 standard. With added sponsorship opportunities, we expect a revenue uplift in excess of 25%.

Kapang Studios is a new addition to the Future of Television family providing the ability to invest, manage and monetise content globally on behalf of rights holders and content creators utilising FAST2.0.

If you want to learn more, contact Ian Crawford and find out how to earn sustainable, improved revenue using FAST2.0.


Tel: +44 (0)20 3137 2900

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