The Future of Television is FAST Cord-Cutting – View TV has the perfect solution

How View TV is Revolutionizing Free to Air Broadcasting with FAST and Streaming Technology

Free to air (FTA) broadcasting is a type of television service that does not require any subscription or payment from the viewers, but relies on advertising revenue to fund the content production and distribution. FTA broadcasting has been around for decades, and has been the dominant form of television consumption for many households. Audiences want to continue to engage with traditional broadcast brands, but are open to having more choice as well.

However, FTA broadcasting is facing a major challenge from the rise of streaming technology, which allows viewers to access a variety of content on demand, across different devices and platforms, without any geographical or temporal restrictions. Streaming technology also enables a new type of FTA broadcasting, known as FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV), which offers linear and on-demand content with ads, similar to traditional TV, but delivered via public internet.

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The Future of Television

FAST channels have the potential to attract and retain viewers who are looking for alternative and diverse content options, without paying any subscription fees, as long as they watch 10-12 minutes of ads per hour. Broadcast FAST channels also have the potential to generate more ad revenue than traditional TV, as they can leverage the data and analytics of streaming technology to offer more targeted and personalized ads to the viewers.

However, FAST channels also face a significant challenge from the complex and opaque programmatic ad trading ecosystem, which involves multiple intermediaries and platforms, such as demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), ad exchanges, and data management platforms (DMPs), each taking a cut of the ad revenue. According to a recent report by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), only 51% of the advertiser’s dollar reaches the publisher, while the rest is eaten up by the programmatic ad trading “tech tax”. This means that FAST channels receive only a fraction of what the advertiser paid at the front of the queue, making it hard for them to sustain and grow their businesses whilst the sustainable business model is already proven when the greed is removed.

This is where View TV, a leading provider of streaming solutions for FAST channels, comes in. View TV has created a new and improved programmatic ad trading solution, called View TV Cloud, which reduces the number of intermediaries and platforms involved in the ad trade, and increases the transparency and efficiency of the process. View TV Cloud ensures that FAST channels get a higher share of the ad revenue, typically between 60% and 65%, and that they have full control and ownership of their inventory and data.

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FAST Channels cannot afford to grow

View TV Cloud also provides FAST channels with a robust and scalable technology platform and system, which supports various revenue opportunities, such as sponsorships, product placement, onscreen promotional graphics, and call-to-action campaigns, as well as live events and studios. View TV Cloud working with Kapang also offers a seamless user experience across devices and platforms, allowing users to access a variety of content genres, from live TV and sports to movies and shows, with flexible subscription and payment options.

View TV Cloud is designed to empower content owners and content businesses, especially independent filmmakers and studios, to migrate to a cord cutting universe. View TV Cloud enables content creators to distribute and monetize their content with ease and efficiency, while retaining full control and ownership of their intellectual property.

View TV Cloud is the ultimate solution for FAST channels who want to compete and succeed in the streaming industry. View TV Cloud will help them to create and monetize engaging and profitable content, and to grow and retain their audience.

“View TV Cloud is a game-changer for the streaming industry. It is the most comprehensive and versatile solution that caters to the needs and preferences of both content creators and consumers. View TV Cloud is the future of free to air broadcasting, offering quality, variety and value to everyone.” said Jamie Branson, CEO of View TV.

View TV Cloud is now available for existing broadcasters using any playout as well as FAST channels looking to migrate to the next level of growth who want to improve their performance and profitability. To learn more about View TV Cloud check out

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Audiences just want TV not to change

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