Amazing OTT Cloud Playout for broadcasters – View TV Play

View TV has announced OTT Cloud Playout service View TV Play as their subsidized rebranded FAST Channel Playout service.

View TV Play is a mentored FAST Cloud Playout service covering curation, delivery, distribution, and monetization across global platforms and owned and operated apps. View TV Play is growing into one of the industry’s largest audience-measured FAST Channel Networks as an audience-preferred curated model that provides the perfect cord-cutting experience.

The solution works for content brands looking to get into Streaming TV and FAST monetization or channels already in the industry failing to generate revenues that can sustain their content investments.

View TV stated that the service is imperative for content channels to sustain a broadcast future within OTT and CTV services.

View TV then discovered that many channels are content owners and creators that need expertise in curation and monetization. They could not foresee the returns or have not seen the return on their investments so far.

View TV’s Jamie Branson explained that “Monetization of FAST channels across several platforms requires multiple levels of understanding; by creating a joint venture with the content brands and working together, the skill set across content, curtation, technology and monetization means the right people are in the right roles. Working together as a team provides greater results.”.

View TV states that this is a mentored venture between parties to create, curate, broadcast, distribute and monetize the channel, where both parties are rewarded fairly for their efforts.

Every channel is created and launched using the View TV Secret Sauce, curation team, software, and its Broadcast CDN product. All channels are launched on their sister platform Kapang in the UK and USA within a few days to start fair monetization immediately.

Content brands have stated that getting launched and retaining their position on the platform is challenging to manage; the Kapang channel guarantees allow channels and content to be seen and monetized from the outset.

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View TV Play – FAST Channel Creation for Channel Brands

Distribution of the channels across many platforms is fully managed to protect monetization and costs. The service allows for all parties to splitting the responsibility evenly.

View TV acts as the channel broadcaster filling the roles that a content owner can rarely justify within their business model, allowing content brands to avoid changing their business model and fund technology and resource investments they have little experience supporting.

The advantages of a FAST launch to the 1/4 billion hour Kapang platform with no additional revenue share certainly give an unbeatable advantage over the alternatives. However, they are still only seen as a solution for Niche content brands rather than existing channels and broadcasters.

View TV states they can now invest in more channel creation because their sister platform Kapang has a revenue model that has removed a revenue share deduction. Kapang has adopted the FAST2.0 structure and now provides all of its services as a SaaS model to align with standard contribution fees as they attract the onboarding of traditional broadcasters, avoiding expensive and unsustainable revenue share deals.

The View TV Play model is available from View TV at, and the presentation can be viewed below.

View TV Play starts at $990/month for a subsidized service and up to $7,990/month for a fully managed broadcast service.

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