Kapang signs distribution deal with African safari linear TV channel WildEarth

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In the run up to MIPCOM 2021, View TV Group have signed a channel carriage deal on their Kapang CTV platform for broadcast in North America and the United Kingdom with the premier African safari themed channel WildEarth.

“WildEarth is such an amazing idea. To have the ability to be in the centre of an African safari with the sights, sounds and expert guide explaining what the viewer is experiencing, on a connected device, is no mean feat. The anticipation of wondering ‘what will appear next’ and the excitement of being so close to wild animals makes the live channel so watchable. Viewers on our Kapang CTV platform will enjoy this wonderful and unique entertainment that is also educational. Commented Jamie Branson, CEO, View TV Group.

UK and US based viewers of the Kapang CTV platform will be able to enjoy WildEarth’s premium safari themed channel across a broad range of platforms and devices. The Kapang app is available on Apple iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Play, Fire TV stick and NVDIA Shield as well as on the Kapang Set Top Box and website.” To add to its reach, Kapang is about to become available on Roku, LG Web OS, Samsung Smart and Amazon Alexa.

“WildEarth is super proud to be launching as a channel on Kapang. We are excited to immerse viewers in this special nature experience which has proven to have a beneficial effect on our well-being” commented Graham Wallington, CEO and Co-Founder of WildEarth.

WildEarth is the only live and interactive 24/7 TV channel dedicated to connecting people to nature. WildEarth operates as both a Pay TV channel throughout Africa on DSTV as well as a FAST [Free Advertising funded Streaming Television] channel on connected devices and operators. The channel creates immersive live PoV experiences from dozens of game reserves and parks with the possibility for viewers to interact and ask questions with naturalists in real time. 


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