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KAPANG FAST LANE – The broadcast TV product to drive streaming audeinces to existing broadcasters in days without a high capital outlay.

The TV industry is undergoing a major transformation, as more and more viewers are cutting the cord and switching to streaming TV services. According to a report by eMarketerhttps://kapang.com/, the number of US pay TV households will decline by 7.5% in 2021, reaching 77.6 million, while the number of US households with at least one subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service will grow by 6.4%, reaching 106.3 million. The report also predicts that by 2024, there will be more households with only SVOD services than with only pay TV services.

This trend poses a significant challenge for cable and satellite broadcasters, who are facing declining revenues, shrinking audiences, and increasing competition from streaming platforms. However, it also presents an opportunity for them to adapt and innovate, by leveraging their existing content, brand, and audience assets to create and distribute streaming TV channels.

One of the best solutions for cable and satellite broadcasters to enter the streaming TV market is Kapang, a device-independent connected TV (CTV) platform that offers traditional publishing simulcast streaming TV channels and creating free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels, using the traditional TV revenue model. Kapang is available on various devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Apple iOS, Android TV, and more.

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"FAST Channels are no different to traditional TV but have added efficiencies. Channel operators are treating them as content archive playlists rather than driving a FAST FIRST approach.... why, FAST channel make more money than TV ever did?"

The future is bright as broadcaster adopting FAST Channel business models

Kapang FAST Lane approach has several advantages for cable and satellite broadcasters who want to transform their business in the streaming TV era. These include:

Quality content and trusted brands: Cable and satellite broadcasters have a wealth of high-quality content across various genres and niches, such as news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. They also have established and loyal audiences who trust their brands and value their content. Kapang allows them to showcase their content and brand on streaming platforms without compromising their quality or identity. Kapang also provides them with exclusive content that they won’t find anywhere else.

Sustainable FAST channel business model: Kapang enables cable and satellite broadcasters to monetize their streaming TV channels using the traditional TV revenue model, which consists of advertising fees and subscription fees. Kapang offers both ad-funded FAST channels and subscription-based channels that require a business model that enables them to produce and deliver high-quality channels and content consistently. Kapang is one of the first platforms to provide such a business model for broadcasters. Kapang can also handles all the technical aspects of streaming TV delivery, such as encoding, transcoding, CDN delivery, SSAI integration, EPG generation, platform zero connector fees, etc.

Global reach and distribution: Kapang allows cable and satellite broadcasters to reach and engage with diverse audiences around the world through various OTT and CTV platforms, such as Roku, Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV, Xumo, Redbox, Plex, and more. Kapang also provides analytics and reporting tools to measure the performance and revenue of their streaming TV channels

In conclusion, Kapang is the best solution for cable and satellite broadcasters who want to transform their business in the streaming TV era. It allows them to leverage their quality content and trusted brands, monetize their streaming TV channels using a sustainable FAST channel business model, and reach global audiences through multiple platforms. By using Kapang, cable and satellite broadcasters can join the streaming TV revolution with a simple and seamless FAST channel solution.

"Audiences want cable quality channels. The content quality, great curation, and trusted brands.

The content attracts audeinces, audience drive viewing hours, viewing hours' drive video adverts & video adverts earn cash.

The FAST Channel ecosystem is a simple and no different to understand than traditional broadcast.

If FAST is adopted as a business model and not as a technology solution the future is bright.... "'

Do not launch private TV apps, audiences want it all in one place.

By adding channels to a single app audiences can easily find and navigate channels all in one place like they always have done with cable television services.

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