BroadcastCDN is a transformation solution for Cable & Satellite broadcasters looking to jump into FAST

BroadcastCDN part of the View TV Group has launched a Cable & Satellite broadcaster transformation package to take existing and traditional broadcasters into FAST markets at scale to generate sustainable revenues. Broadcast CDN carries the service from your origin premises, onsite or at a managed service provider, delivers the channel via a private carrier-grade CDN with broadcast-grade SSAI, compliance monitoring, NVIDIA GPU Transcoding and edge audience measurement via AUDSTAT. BroadcastCDN understand that FAST has been proven by independent channels by the take up from major broadcasters wanting to transform part or all of their business over to a FAST structure has been delayed as they are yet to see sustainable revenues that support premium content and premium channel teams. BroadcastCDN has released its package which provides reporting, distribution and full monetisation to the 1m/day audiences rather than the 25,000 per day currently experienced by the archive channels. BroadcastCDN states that it purely replaces or compliments other carrier networks as a contribution service which involves a resilient onsite box to pick up the origin service and delivers it to all platforms with full monitoring and real-time revenue reporting. Check out BroadcastCDN for broadcast transformation. Check out the team at View TV Group at

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