CTV App Stores Growing FAST Channels

CTV App Stores Growing FAST Channels. The growth of connected TV app stores is increasing the growth of free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels. 

While the growth of CTV platform app stores will remain constant, the number of FAST channel apps will outnumber CTV device stores. By 2028, the number of FAST channel apps on CTV will exceed the number of mobile apps on smart phone devices on Android and iOS by 8.93 million.

FAST App Stores

The trend towards in-app advertiser funded programming, shoppable retail media commerce, gaming and DIY channels on CTV means more B2B transactions will occur in unlimited FAST channel apps in the future. This is rather than on predicted market regulated app stores on home screens.  

Home Screens

The new report into CTV app store prominence of FAST TV channels on platform devices such as Samsung, Google, LG, Apple, Amazon and Roku being investigated by regulators, is likely to restrict store terms and conditions. This allows more publishers to exercise free enterprise on open app stores in the interests of consumer choice. Additionally increased competition and privacy of home screens.

FAST Growth

FAST offers viewers the best of both worlds, letting them access free, yet personalized, programming through a digital platform that works similarly to other streaming services for one of the most steadily growing methods of media consumption as consumers look for savings of multiple SVOD services.

CTV Platforms

In the home, Android is the number one streaming platform worldwide. Currently, Google TV has over 10,000 TV apps (on 150m+ devices and over 800 FAST channels), Roku offers approximately 30,000 TV apps (with 71.6m+ users and over 350 FAST channels), Apple’s tvOS has over 18,000 TV apps and has just added 325 new CTV apps and Amazon’s Fire TV has over 15,500 TV apps in store. 

More than 100 million CTVs are sold every year across 600 TV brands under license operating systems. Globally, 98% of businesses believe that CTV advertising will be bigger than mobile advertising. Moreover, 86% of consumers are willing to see ads on CTV, especially if the ad is relevant to them. There are 40% of consumers downloading mobile apps after seeing the advertisement in FAST apps. Furthermore the total number of connected devices worldwide is forecast to reach 27 billion by 2025.

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