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In the burgeoning world of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels, a pressing issue has emerged: the distribution of ad-generated revenue is heavily skewed, leaving premium content owners with less than 10% of every ad dollar This imbalance poses a significant threat to the sustainability of the industry and the creators who fuel it.

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Revenue Share Modeling is complex and content owners are losing out

The Revenue Sharing Dilemma

At the heart of the FAST channel industry’s challenges lies a complex revenue sharing model. As each player in the chain—from technology providers to distribution platforms—takes their cut, the share that trickles down to content owners becomes increasingly diluted. This system, often described as ‘compound revenue sharing,’ inherently favors those at the top of the chain, leaving content creators with a mere fraction of the profits their work generates.

The Impact on Content Owners

For content owners, this model is particularly concerning. After investing time, effort, and resources into producing high-quality content, they find themselves at the end of the revenue line, receiving minimal financial return for their contributions. This not only affects their current operations but also stifles their ability to invest in future projects, ultimately hindering the growth and diversity of content available on FAST channels.

Seeking a Fair Distribution

The solution to this conundrum is not straightforward, but it begins with a call for transparency and fairness in revenue distribution. Content owners, as the backbone of the FAST channel ecosystem, must be adequately compensated to ensure the industry’s longevity and prosperity. Platforms and intermediaries must recognize the value of content and adjust their revenue sharing models to reflect a more equitable split that supports all parties involved.


The FAST channel industry stands at a crossroads. To move forward sustainably, it must address the inequities in its revenue sharing practices. By ensuring that content owners receive a fair share of ad revenues, the industry can foster a more vibrant and diverse content landscape, benefiting viewers and creators alike. The time has come for a shift in the FAST channel paradigm—one that places a greater emphasis on the creators who are the true drivers of its success.

The current state of the FAST channel industry highlights the need for a reevaluation of revenue sharing practices. As the industry continues to grow, it is imperative that the financial rewards are distributed in a manner that sustains the entire ecosystem, from the top of the chain to the content creators who form its foundation.

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FAST Channel Revenue Shares

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