Hollywood’s New Rulers: The Rise of YouTubers and Influencers

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, Hollywood is witnessing a seismic shift. The traditional bastions of celebrity are being challenged by a new breed of stars: YouTubers and influencers. With platforms like Amazon Prime and Google signing these digital sensations for their next big TV shows, the creator community is poised to take the throne in Tinseltown.

The YouTube Phenomenon

YouTube has long been a launchpad for creative talent, but its influence has reached new heights. Stars born from the platform are not just amassing followers; they’re changing the rules of Hollywood fame. With their unique brand of authenticity and approachability, YouTubers like Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson have turned their online presence into lucrative careers, commanding six-figure paychecks and drawing millions of views each month.

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Prime Picks

Amazon Prime, recognizing the pull of these influencers, has opened its doors to them through the Amazon Influencer Program. This initiative allows content creators to monetize their recommendations and inspire their followers to shop on Amazon, effectively turning their personal brands into revenue streams. By signing these influencers, Amazon Prime is tapping into their vast audiences and creating a new kind of TV show that blurs the lines between commerce and entertainment.

Google’s Gambit

Google, too, has acknowledged the value of influencer marketing, integrating it into their marketing mix. They’ve found that top creators can achieve the scale of traditional TV ads at a significantly lower cost https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/marketing-strategies/data-and-measurement/inside-google-marketing-influencer-marketing/. This strategic move indicates a broader trend: Google is likely to leverage these influencers’ reach and credibility to produce original content that resonates with a younger, digital-savvy audience.

The Creator Economy

The rise of YouTubers in Hollywood signifies a larger movement—the creator economy. These self-made celebrities are not just content producers; they’re entrepreneurs building their own brands and extending their influence across various forms of media. From merchandise and publishing to games and more, they’re crafting a multi-pronged approach to entertainment that rivals the likes of Marvel and Star Wars.


As Hollywood opens its gates to the creator community, the entertainment industry is set for a revolution. Successful YouTubers and influencers, with their direct line to millions of fans, are becoming the new A-listers. With the backing of giants like Prime and Google, these creators are set to rule Hollywood, proving that the path to stardom no longer solely winds through the hills of Los Angeles but also traverses the digital landscape.

This article explores the transformative impact of YouTubers and influencers on Hollywood, highlighting the strategic partnerships with Amazon Prime and Google that signal a new era of entertainment. As these platforms sign influencers for TV shows, they’re not just betting on individual talent but investing in a cultural shift that redefines what it means to be a star.

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