Kapang announced more than 100 new channels viewable for free

Watch TV for FreeKapang is a connected TV platform owned and operated by View TV, which provides broadcasters and content owners with a simple and cost-effective way to launch and monetize their own FAST channels, or free ad-supported streaming TV channels, on various online video platforms. FAST channels offer viewers a wide range of content, from movies and shows to news and sports, without any subscription fees or sign-ups.

Kapang has recently added more than 100 free TV channels to its platform, bringing the total number of channels to over 170 in the UK and over 80 in the USA. These channels include popular genres such as entertainment, music, lifestyle, kids, documentaries, comedy, drama, reality, and more. Some of the channels are:

  • Newsmax: A conservative news channel that covers politics, business, health, and world news.
  • Bloomberg: A business and financial news channel that provides live coverage of markets, the economy, and technology.
  • FilmRise: A movie channel that features award-winning films, documentaries, and series from various genres.
  • Kidoodle: A family-friendly channel that offers safe and fun content for kids of all ages.

Kapang uses its own unique television platform and broadcast CDN to deliver these channels to millions of connected TV (CTV) users across various devices, such as smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Kapang’s platform and CDN ensure the high quality, reliability, and security of the FAST channels. Kapang also provides end-to-end solutions for creating and distributing FAST channels, from content ingestion and encoding to playout and distribution to ad insertion and monetisation to analytics and reporting.

Kapang’s platform and CDN also enable broadcasters and content owners to monetize their FAST channels through various ad revenue models, such as dynamic ad insertion (DAI), server-side ad insertion (SSAI), programmatic advertising, etc. Kapang does not charge any fees or take any revenue share from the broadcasters and content owners. Instead, Kapang generates its own revenue from selling its own ad inventory on the FAST channels.

Kapang is a platform that helps broadcasters and content owners transition to the future of TV broadcasting with amazing monetization and technology. By adding more than 100 free TV channels to its platform, Kapang offers more choice, flexibility, and convenience for viewers who want to watch their favourite content online.

Check out Kapang and Watch TV for Free at https://kapang.com

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