Nuestra.TV Launches with 40+ FAST Channels Targeting Hispanics

Nuestra.TV Launches with 40+ FAST Channels. Adsmovil’s free video streaming service is programmed to appeal to the diversity of the Hispanic community.

In the latest move by companies to target the rapidly growing Hispanic streaming audiences, Adsmovil USA has launched a new free streaming service, Nuestra.TV with 40+ FAST channels and more than 15,000 hours of free VOD content. 

Nuestra.TV was created by Adsmovil CEO Alberto Pardo, to both meet the high demand for premium streaming content and better serve the wide range of audiences that make up the Hispanic community.

“We have over a decade of experience creating content and reaching Hispanics, across generations, cultural origins, and languages, and with Nuestra.TV we are uniquely positioned to provide Hispanic cord-cutters with a platform that is inclusive and authentic,” said Alberto Pardo, president, and CEO, Nuestra.TV. “Nuestra.TV was created for all Hispanics. including the often overlooked bilingual/bicultural Hispanic.”

Its fully downloadable content library includes premiere productions in English and Spanish from the U.S., Latin America, and Spain, as well as compelling original content for bilingual/bicultural consumers. 

Nuestra.TV will also offer educational programming in addition to gaming, podcasts, UGC, live news, and music events.

News Source: TV Technology

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