The Future of Local TV is Streaming and reinventing FAST has made it possible

The Future of Local TV is Streaming and reinventing FAST has made it possible – Local television has long been a cornerstone of community service, providing not only entertainment and information but also a sense of local identity and cohesion. As the digital transformation reshapes the media landscape, live streaming has emerged as the future of TV delivery, promising greater accessibility and immediacy. However, the shift from traditional broadcast models to digital platforms brings financial challenges, particularly for local TV stations that serve niche audiences.

The rise of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) services has been a double-edged sword for local broadcasters. On one hand, it offers a new avenue to reach audiences; on the other, it has disrupted traditional revenue streams. Local broadcasters often find themselves receiving a fraction of advertisement sales compared to what is traded within programmatic ecosystems. This disparity raises questions about the sustainability of providing localized content when the costs may outweigh the revenue.

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Enter View TV and Kapang adX, which have collaborated to create a sustainable revenue model that promises to ease these financial strains. Their approach deviates from the typical FAST service model by establishing a ‘walled garden’—a controlled ecosystem that optimizes ad-fill rates, ensures technological continuity, and reduces the layers of intermediaries between advertisers and broadcasters. This model not only streamlines operations but also promises to deliver a higher share of advertising revenue directly to the broadcasters.

Kapang Local, in particular, has been a game-changer for local television broadcasters. It offers a solution that not only competes with but surpasses the revenue previously generated from cable and satellite services. By providing a more direct and efficient advertising model, Kapang Local allows broadcasters to retain greater control over their content and finances. This is crucial for local stations that rely on advertising dollars to fund their operations and create content that resonates with their communities.

Moreover, Kapang Local provides a roadmap for the future, ensuring that local TV can continue to serve as a vital public service. It addresses the need for a revenue model that justifies the costs of delivering diverse and niche local services. With this support, local broadcasters can focus on what they do best—creating content that meets the needs and interests of their communities, fostering local talent, and keeping citizens informed and engaged.

In conclusion, while the transition to live streaming and digital delivery is inevitable, it is essential to have a revenue model that supports the unique role of local TV. The collaboration between View TV and Kapang adX, and the implementation of Kapang Local, offers a promising blueprint for a sustainable financial future for local broadcasters across the USA. This innovative approach could very well ensure that local TV remains a cherished and important public service for years to come.

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