Vizio Ads is smashing it with its video advertising business

Vizio Ads is smashing it in CTV. The Smart TV maker VIZIO has used its advertising services to help a leading video game company reach consumers who did not see its promotional campaign on traditional television, achieving a total incremental reach of nearly 22% for console owners.

Like many Smart TV makers, VIZIO provides advertising services that include ad placements in streaming content, home screen promotion and the use of data to target relevant homes on television or retarget them across different devices, with its VIZIO Ads unit serving the U.S. market. The company has released a case study for the unnamed “popular video game console provider” to demonstrate its ability to reach viewers who are hard to find on linear broadcast TV.

The results are dramatic for a marketing campaign where the games company was looking to promote a highly anticipated game that was exclusive to its platform – with the target audience being existing and potentially new users of the console. For console owners, VIZIO Ads delivered 21.9% incremental reach over linear (the proportion of people who were exposed to the campaign thanks to VIZIO Ads who did not see it on linear broadcast television). 4.4% of the console owner audience only saw the ads on linear TV, and 1.5% of console owners reached saw ads across both linear and VIZIO.

VIZIO Ads declares: “Smart TVs give advertisers a powerful new range of options to reach audiences no longer easily accessible through traditional linear channels.

“The company used multiple targeting tactics, and combined promotional opportunities on the Smart TV Home Screen, video spots distributed through connected TV ad inventory, and the ability to retarget select households on devices other than the TV, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

“This kind of complementary campaign requires working with a provider that owns and controls the hardware, the software, and the data across the Smart TV experience. This integrated ecosystem creates synergies and opportunities not possible with fragmented service offerings that cobble together the different parts.”

The results were gathered from June to July this year. Focusing on the total target audience for the campaign, which also included non-console homes (i.e., potential new customers), VIZIO achieved 13.5% incremental reach. Here, linear TV also delivered a large number of consumers who did not see the ad via VIZIO – with 10.5% exposed only via linear. One per cent of the total audience saw the ads on both linear and via VIZIO efforts (so on the Smart TV home screen, or through ads placed inside streaming content shown on VIZIO Smart TVs, or on non-TV devices thanks to additional targeting enabled by VIZIO).

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