WISEDV: The Ultimate Playout System for FAST Channels

WiseDV Playout – FAST Channels, or free ad-supported streaming TV channels, are a new form of online video content that offers viewers a variety of programming without subscription fees or sign-ups. FAST Channels can be either linear or on-demand, but the main difference from traditional TV channels is that they are delivered over the internet and supported by ads.

However, creating and managing a FAST Channel can be challenging and costly for broadcasters and content owners. They need to have the right technology, infrastructure, distribution, and monetization strategies to ensure the quality, reliability, and profitability of their FAST Channel.

That is why WISEDV, a worldwide leader in audio/video technology and media transcoders, offers a unique solution for broadcasters and content owners who want to create, broadcast, and monetize a FAST Channel within days. WISEDV provides a feature-rich and cost-effective playout system called WisePlay, which can be deployed on-premises or on private/public cloud.

WisePlay is specially designed to meet the demanding needs of FAST and TV broadcasters, providing complete control over OTT or on-air content, ensuring viewers a seamless, high-quality, and top-notch broadcast experience. Some of the features and benefits of WisePlay are:

  • Visual Graphics Editor: WisePlay allows broadcasters and content owners to design graphics templates using a visual graphics editor with 14 GFX layers and insert them in the playlist with drag and drop feature. They can also enhance logos, alerts, crawls, L-squeeze, playing now/next, back in, HTML5 overlays, interactive polls, etc., with various animations and transition effects.
  • Automated Closed Captions: WisePlay enables broadcasters and content owners to get cloud-based closed captions (CC-608 and CC-708) for live content streaming on the playout channels, with the ‘Import SRT files’ option to the desired media content.
  • Rules-based Assets Insertion: WisePlay allows broadcasters and content owners to create ‘Rule-based Graphics Templates’ and enable them to play at various intervals or on specific media-type content without affecting the channel playlist.
  • Live Stream Insertion: WisePlay enables broadcasters and content owners to play UDP, HLS, SDI, NDI, or any stream using the ‘End on SCTE’ option, with SCTE35 to Cue Tone conversion, detection, & insertion.
  • Broadcast & Streaming Management: WisePlay allows broadcasters and content owners to broadcast over 12 channels per server, supporting multiple OTT platforms, & enabling live streaming on social media platforms.
  • AI-based Breakpoint Detection: WisePlay uses artificial intelligence to detect the optimal breakpoints for ad insertion in the video content, ensuring a smooth and natural viewing experience for the audience.
  • Browser-based Remote Operation: WisePlay allows broadcasters and content owners to access and manage their playout channels from anywhere using a browser-based user interface.

WisePlay is one of the ultimate playout systems in the industry to optimize on-air operations. It is ideal for TV and OTT broadcasters who want to enhance their channel content. It also supports stream transport via SRT or Zixi for efficient and reliable delivery. It is capable of SCTE-35/104 and Analog Cue Tone detection and insertion with programmable PIDs and sequences. It supports all industry-standard file formats, containers, video-audio codecs, and subtitle files.

WisePlay is a simple and cost-effective way for broadcasters and content owners to launch and monetize a FAST Channel within days. All they need to do is sign up for WISEDV’s SaaS model, upload their content libraries, create their channel branding and metadata, and start broadcasting their FAST Channel to millions of CTV users.

WISEDV is a platform that helps broadcasters and content owners transition to the future of TV broadcasting with amazing monetization and technology. For more information, please visit their website https://wisedv.com/playout.

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