Monetize FAST channels 3x revenues with broadcast-grade private cloud playout

View TV a managed producer of FAST and Broadcast channels has released its in-house private cloud playout and media workflow to self-service customers as the latest release of its Cloudie TV product.
View TV has always believed “TV should look like TV always has” and that “FAST is a mere efficiency and addressable ad opportunity, not an opportunity to reinvent TV” for broadcasters and content owners alike.

Cloudie TV has made channel building FAST

View TV has been producing a suite of 72 channels via in-house own brands such as View TV, Rathergood and Onlymotors or in partnership with brands such as Epic Pictures, World Poker Tour, BBC, Monarch Films, Foundation Sales, Ski TV, Kaloopy and All3Media delivered across more than 30 platforms globally.
View TV has perfected its workflow with integrated GPU powered playout, storage, media management, transcode and distribution using its BroadcastCDN and Cloudie TV products to deliver maximum channel quality and maximum revenue returns, whilst understanding that people are enjoying Opex models, and the avoidance of capital spend.

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View TV runs all its facility via a dedicated broadcast centre with each channel having a secure private cloud on dedicated hardware, 75% powered via the latest NVIDA GPU solution dedicated to each channel to provide real-time colour, sound, and motion correction.

Cloudie TV private cloud is 70% cheaper than cloud alternatives

View TV has released its private cloud solution as 1, 4, 8 or 16 channel clusters with dedicated storage, 90 days recording and 24/7 MCR monitoring, and all can be operated from anywhere in the world via a web browser.

TV should look like TV, advertisers like it and audiences like it, but FAST broadcasters are trying to change their requirements to cheapen the process which inevitably has ended up in low revenues and low engagement.

Jamie Branson – View TV

View TV has managed to get its Cloudie TV to broadcast 50 unique hours of content per week on a traditional top of the hour schedule with less than 4 hours of scheduling effort to make channel curation, distribution and reporting FAST, efficient, and manageable as a single solution.

Cloudie will even build your channel for you or help you keep it at full power?

View TV has also announced Cloudie TV Mentoring and Fully Managed services where the Cloudie team will happily support, check, or fully manage any FAST channel for a fraction of the cost of having a dedicated team due to its efficient workflow and high-tech facility.

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Cloudie TV will add you to your first platforms in 7 days

View TV has also announced that it will provide an 80/20 revenue share with it’s Kapang platform and have any channel live and integrated within 7 days of receipt of content to make sure each channel has a sustainable long-term business model , FAST really has become FAST.

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If you are struggling to make FAST work, are annoyed with integrating many suppliers or really want to have a much more traditional feel to grow revenues to sustainable broadcaster levels then check out Cloudie TV at

How much does Cloudie Cost?

Cloudie has four tiers with the first being subsidized based on Kapang being the channel sponsor to reduce the costs to 50% of the core self-service costs. Cloudie also has a mentored cost which includes pro-active checking and support as well as monitoring revenue generation and EPG services. A fully managed service costs less than a fully trained scheduler and can allow content owners to make branding and content decisions without having to recuit an internal broadcast team.

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Cloudie TV Price List – Self Service to Managed Service Packages available.

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