Content is King with FAST Channels

Content is King is a phrase that has caused a lot of discussion points within FAST.

Current FAST platforms are more focused on running archived content on loop to the last blood from the bag of stones that they have missed the points that content is still king.

We calculated that the local Los Angeles local TV channel KTLA was generating more traffic than 50% of FAST channels even though it is focused on a local area.

The Nexstar channel produces more viewing hours and revenue than a lot of national and global FAST channels as the content is in demand by the niche audience of Los Angeles, and although the content is expensive the return on the content is more than double that of the archive revenue share content files with a higher ad trade and a higher engagement across the loyal audience base.

Adding key content does not have to be expensive, archive black and white movies curated as a yesteryear experience can be very popular but running expired content such as motor racing and old sports games doe snot have a lot of appeals.

The James Bond Channel would work very well as it has a strong brand and the content can be watched tie and time again, Top Gear, Music Programmes, quality films and Comedy are all great methods of getting a nation or global audience engaged in mass for many viewing hours per month.

Remember people x hours x ads = Money If nobody watches your channel it does not make money.

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