FAST Platform Ecosystem – Fragmented CTV can only continue to exist as a fully integrated solution

FAST Platform Ecosystem – In the ever-evolving realm of television, the future is undeniably platform-driven, promising ubiquitous accessibility for viewers worldwide.

Connected TV (CTV) stands at the forefront of this transformation, poised to revolutionize the way linear broadcasters, video content libraries, and creators engage with audiences. Drawing inspiration from the triumphs of industry giants like Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify, and Audible, the future of CTV lies in the convergence of consumers, advertisers, and creators within an integrated platform ecosystem.

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FAST Channel Business Model

What is wrong with existing CTV Platform enterprises?

However, the current CTV landscape is marked by fragmentation and revenue-sharing complexities. Platforms such as Samsung Plus and Vizio, among others, have become indispensable distribution endpoints for video content and FAST channels. Yet, the exorbitant technology fees and hefty revenue shares imposed by these platforms leave broadcasters grappling with dwindling profits that can only exist with small dated content archives.

Some platforms are filling less than a third of all available ad-inventory in linear streams providing revenues which barely cover the technology fees ……


While these platforms provide opportunities for content libraries to circumvent traditional broadcasting channels, they often prioritize content that has already been broadcasted or is outdated. This preference can devalue the investment in new, high-quality content by demanding profit shares that are less than one-fifth of the original advertiser spend. For example, a platform may fill ad slots at a cost of $12 CPM, and with a 50/50 revenue split, the broadcaster earns just $6 CPM, even though the advertiser will have paid nearly four times that amount for the spot further up the ecosystem, but in fact missing out on 80% of revenue if the platforms would fill 100% of all ad slots . In comparison, YouTube’s payouts for AVOD monetization can be more than twice that of many FAST platforms with zero technology costs due to the inefficiencies within the existing ecosystem of marrying audiences with content and advertisers.

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FAST Platform Ecosystem

YouTube is better than FAST Platform distribution in a high percentage of cases

A recent study conducted by View TV sheds light on the economic disparities within the CTV market. While placing AVOD content on various FAST platforms incurs significant costs, the returns pale in comparison to those generated on YouTube. Notably, YouTube’s revenue model, albeit favoring channel operators with a 51/49 split, offers a more lucrative alternative, even when considering the lower advertising rates attributed to user-generated content assumptions.

So, what constitutes the perfect next generation Connected TV Platform?

So, what constitutes the perfect next generation Connected TV Platform? At its core, such a second-generation platform must offer a diverse array of content models under one roof, eliminating the need for viewers to hop between platforms for varied entertainment options. Crucially, the platform’s revenue models should prioritize sustainability for content creators and broadcasters, enabling them to continue producing and broadcasting their premium content seamlessly.

Sustainable revenue for both platform and content channels comes from a direct relationship with the advertisers without becoming fully reliant on third party DSPs that remove a high amount of potential earnings with multiple up trading costs.

If the platform cannot provide a sustainable revenue stream for its content and broadcaster partners they will die. The only way that platforms could continue would require them to create and broadcast their own channels costing way more than being fair to existing established brands. The FAST Platform Eco-system

If a Connected TV platform fails to generate a reliable income for its content creators and broadcasting partners, it may be compelled to produce and air its own channels. This approach would incur significantly higher costs compared to offering equitable terms to well-established brands. Without providing a ecosystem to fund content creation, FAST will die as audiences will lose patience.

Are audiences engaging with FAST in their droves?

Amidst these challenges, the paramount importance of audience satisfaction cannot be overstated. As consumer preferences evolve, demand for new, high-quality content accessible across all platforms surges. However, existing FAST channels struggle to attract sizable audiences due to inadequate curation, metadata optimization, and marketing efforts.

Pluto TV’s meager 1% engagement rate in the US underscores the urgency for platforms to prioritize audience-centric innovation and premium content and major broadcaster engagement.

The future of television hinges on the seamless integration of premium content, equitable revenue-sharing mechanisms, and audience-centric innovation. As View TV advocates for a paradigm shift towards exclusive platform-driven solutions, the onus lies on industry stakeholders to pave the way for a vibrant, inclusive CTV landscape where creativity thrives and audiences rejoice.

FAST Channel Distribution – Being everywhere could mean you are nowhere

The proliferation of FAST channels across numerous platforms can dilute their value if advertising revenues are inconsistent. To maintain their proposition, these channels must ensure robust and reliable ad revenue streams that justify their presence on multiple platforms and sustain their business model.

The future of CTV needs to provide a sustainable revenue model for premium content creators and studios as well as providing a next generation revenue model for Local TV broadcasters and Live Event Broadcasters providing Live Sports and Live Music ………. Kapang and its dedicated ad & sponsorship partners do all of this and more.

Jamie Branson – Kapang

Kapang is the CTV Platform broadcast channels, content creators, premium advertisers and demanding audiences crave?

Today Kapang launches an integrated CTV Platform appreciating FAST Channels, AVOD and Simulcast broadcast TV channels providing a true SaaS broadcast platform model. Kapang is also adding Dynamic Subscription options where audiences pay a single subscription fee like OnlyFans type platforms, but instead of a cost per channel, Kapang equally shares the collective proceeds to the gaggle of channels using a percentage of the pooled fees based on the weekly share of hours watched.

Too many FAST Channels and AVOD libraries are building their own walled garden apps to circumvent the hefty revenues shares and platform inefficenceis, but they are only making the route to success more difficult. Broadcasters creating private CTV platforms is costly, these apps are expensive to setup, operate and more importantly market to achieve mass audience engagement. With only a concentrated collection of content the apps are short lived as audiences prefer to see a wide selection in one place, but until now the content creators have to give away half of their profits to appear on the collective platforms.

View TV has redesigned Kapang as a shared app space where any compliant FAST channel or content owner can broadcast or market their content within a single app estate via a channel number of dedicated space within the app providing the advantages of owning their own walled app garden but with a fraction of the costs.

Game changing problem solving provided by Kapang

View TV has made Kapang affordable based on SaaS models rather than revenue share models providing more than three times the revenue from the same audiences compared to other platforms whilst solving all of the following issues:

  • There are no revenue share deductions – Each channel or content partner receives all ad revenue earnings, for any TV or Movie content or FAST Channels, simply pay the fixed SaaS fees and get the content live in days without negotiation or content selection processes.
  • Kapang fills 100% of 30 second ad pod spots every time – Differentiating itself from other platforms, Kapang ensures that every Ad-pod space is occupied by paid advertisements. This is accomplished through the utilization of the addressable ad strategy of View TV Marketplace and targeted ad placement strategies, as opposed to relying on poor performing programmatic ad positions. This method introduces a tiered fallback system akin to the monetization models used in traditional television broadcasting to fill all available spots with the best earnings.
  • Advertising paid to content and channel companies FAST – Due to the integrated eco-system Kapang is able to pay FAST channel owners within 28 days to match the game changing payout terms within YouTube.
  • Launch your own filtered private CTV apps – Launch a sub-branded CTV app across a dozen platforms as a privately owned filtered app of Kapang, all operated and run by the team at Kapang for less than $0.50/hour per platform.
  • You can sell your own ads on your channel – Using the Kapang Self Service platform, powered by View TV Marketplace, you can sell advertisements across the platform or dedicated to your channel or content, earning 15% commission on the ad sales.
  • No more pleading and waiting, add your channels within days – Add your linear FAST Channel or Subscription Channel within days without having to be vetted or sitting for months in a content selection process, you buy your slot and go live. 14 different genre categories and up to 50 slots per genre plus a dedicated radio station and local television broadcaster slots for up to 500 stations each and autodetected by Geo.
  • No more content selection processes, Add your AVOD content within days – Submit any legal TV or Movies formatted show without being being vetted, add one or two pieces of content or add a few thousand without having to pitch your content to the platform.
  • Transparent Live reporting Dashboard – Want to know how much you have earned in ad revenue, well login and find out on the View TV Cloud dashboard which is updated every few minutes.
  • Totally flexible FAST Channel Playout interface – We will plugin any existing Playout or scheduling software into Kapang so you don’t have to recreate your channel, filling all missing spaces. Amagi, WiseDV, Ottera, Wurl and View TV Play integrate seamlessly with Kapang.
  • Engage with Kapang on a Traditional FAST Revenue Model if SaaS is too much – Engage directly with Rathergood TV if you prefer a traditional revenue share model on your content, Rathergood will cover all management and technical fees and equally share the extended revenues from Kapang.

How much with Kapang make by content agency or broadcast channel?

The amount of money made watched per movie or content episode depends on the genre and length of content or length of viewing session on a FAST Channel or Premium Subscription channel.

E.g. If a piece of content or a channel is watched for an entry level 10,000 hours per day:

10,000 hours x 20 – 30 second adverts per hour on average = 200,000 adverts seen per day

Average earnings per advert play is $0.014/advert =

$2,800/day or $85,000 per month or $1m per annum

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Kapang – The future of CTV Platforms

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