View TV FAST Network Investment Pool

View TV has created a network that allows investors and Fast Channel to achieve their own objectives whilst minimising risk and providing a sustainable revenue model for exponential growth.

For Connected TV and FAST Channels to grow, they need to create enough revenue to reinvest in fresh content to retain audiences and attract a wider community. 

Without a sustainable revenue model, channels cannot create & acquire the rights for the content.  Traditional and proven broadcast models work on >60% of Gross Revenue for content creation and licensing deals.  Early adopting tech greedy FAST models provide 10-40% of Gross Revenues which has resulted in few channels being able to produce FAST First content.  Moth-balled or archive content is the norm on most FAST Channel roll-outs across Smart TV & OTT Platforms; these are only suitable for niche audiences seen across channel revenue reports on SSP networks

As FAST was predicted to be a cord-cutting solution for cable subscribers, the business model has to accommodate existing broadcasters and their content spending to allow them to adopt FAST as the future of TV.   Without traditional broadcasters being able to adopt FAST, it will never replace existing satellite and cable solutions, and FAST will never be a mainstream service; this may cause FAST to die altogether.

FAST Channel Investors

“View TV FAST Network is a suite of new and existing FAST channel broadcasters.  Rather than solely creating a suite of owned & operated channels, we pool our talent.   View TV matches our investor pool with CTV channels that already resemble or wish to transform into a traditional TV experience.  Mirroring the proven traditional TV channel format provides a familiar simulcast viewer experience delivering higher advertising yield and amazing audience statistics.   View TV provides a disrupted yet sustainable content revenue model that investors & channels applaud.  We justify new & innovative content by mirroring traditional content creation business models minimising change & accelerating wider industry adoption.”

FAST Channel Investor Proposal

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