Premium FAST Channel Broadcasters will bring Real TV home again

Streaming TV is the future of television, as more and more viewers are cutting the cord and switching to online video platforms. However, for major broadcasters such as CBS and HBO, who have invested heavily in over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting, transitioning to streaming TV can be challenging and costly.

They need to find a way to reach and monetize their audiences online, without compromising their content quality, brand identity, and revenue potential. That is why Kapang, a connected TV platform owned and operated by View TV, offers a revolutionary solution for major broadcasters who want to stream their content over the Internet.

Kapang has added FAST PLUS to its distribution model options, to attract cable and satellite channels that want to stream their content over the internet. FAST PLUS leverages the advantages of FAST Channels, such as free ad-supported TV, linear programming, and connected devices.

FAST PLUS also overcomes the limitations of FAST Channels, such as low revenue share, poor ad quality, and lack of control. Kapang FAST PLUS allows major broadcasters to keep 100% of their advertising and sponsorship revenues, by paying a simple SaaS fee that covers all the essential services for streaming TV, such as transcoding, CDN, SSAI, ad-fill and platform distribution.

Kapang also provides critical services such as DMA channel listings, addressable advertising, and a consistent interface across all platforms/.

Addressable advertising is one of the key features of Kapang FAST PLUS, as it enables major broadcasters to deliver personalized and relevant ads to their viewers, based on their profile, location, device, and viewing behavior.

Addressable advertising also increases the effectiveness and efficiency of ad campaigns, as it reduces ad waste and increases ad engagement. Kapang uses advanced ad technology and data analytics to provide addressable advertising solutions for major broadcasters.

Kapang FAST PLUS is a simple and cost-effective way for major broadcasters to transition to streaming TV, without losing their audience or revenue. All they need to do is sign up for Kapang’s SaaS model, provide a broadcast feed, create their channel branding and metadata, and start streaming their content to millions of CTV Platform users.

Kapang is a platform that helps major broadcasters transition to the future of TV broadcasting with amazing monetization and technology where the revenue model mimics traditional over-the-air broadcasting adopted by many channel operators for years.

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