What is FAST Plus? – The fantastic streaming solution for broadcasters

What is FAST Plus? With FAST Plus, cord-cutting Digital Transformation Streaming TV for traditional television broadcasters is viable.

FAST PLUS was developed as the much-needed mature version of FAST TV. Check out more here – Check out FAST PLUS

What is FAST?

FAST TV is a term that stands for Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television. It is a streaming service that offers users access to various channels and content without requiring a paid subscription. Instead, users watch ads during scheduled breaks, similar to traditional TV. FAST TV differs from other streaming services that either charge a monthly fee or offer limited content for free. FAST TV aims to provide a cable-like experience over the internet, with a wide range of genres and categories.

Some of the benefits of FAST TV are:

  • It is free and easy to use. Users do not need to create an account or sign up for anything to watch FAST TV. They can download an app or visit a website and browse the channels.
  • It offers a lot of content and variety. Users can find channels for specific shows, movies, genres, themes, or interests. For example, Pluto TV has channels for Star Trek, British Comedy, Cult Films, and more. Users can also watch local news, sports, and live events on some FAST TV services.
  • It reduces the stress of choosing what to watch. Users do not have to search for something to watch on demand. They can flip through the channels and watch whatever catches their interest. FAST TV also provides a sense of discovery and serendipity, as users might stumble upon something they have never seen before or enjoy watching again.

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Cash is King in the FAST Content Market

Some of the drawbacks of FAST TV are:

  • It has ads and interruptions. Users have to watch ads during the breaks, which might be annoying or distracting. Some FAST TV services also have pop-up ads or banners on the screen. Users cannot skip or fast-forward the ads or the content.
  • It has limited control and customization. Users cannot pause, rewind, or resume their watching content. They also cannot choose what episode or season they want to watch, as the service pre-programmed content. Users might miss out on some content if they tune in late or switch channels.
  • It has lower quality and availability. Users might experience buffering, lagging, or crashing issues due to internet connection or server problems. Some FAST TV services might not have high-definition or 4K resolution options. Some FAST TV services might also have geo-restrictions or licensing issues that prevent them from offering certain content in some regions.

FAST Channels TV is a growing trend in the streaming industry as more users seek free and convenient ways to watch content online. Some of the most popular FAST TV services are Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, Tubi, Peacock, IMDb TV, and Crackle. Each service has features and offerings, so users might want to try out different ones to find their favourite.

Why is traditional FAST failing?

Traditional FAST is failing because the audiences want premium content to Watch Live Sports, Watch Live News and Watch Live Events. Still, the business model from FAST Evolution does not support excellent broadcasters.

What is FAST Plus?

FAST PLUS – Free Ad-funded Streaming Television Premium Linear Unified Solution.

How do you get FAST Plus?

What are the commercial advantages of FAST PLUS:

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