Kapang announces free TV Playout & scheduling SaaS for FAST Channels

Just in time for NAB New York, Kapang announces that it is including an amazing FAST Channel Playout within its broadcast package and you can distribute the channel without any restrictions.

Just sign up for the VIew TV Cloud CDN package and get the amazing FAST Channel Playout free and launch within a few days using MRSS.

Kapang: The Platform that Enables Broadcasters to Launch and Monetize FAST Channels without paying for playout.

FAST channels, or free ad-supported streaming TV channels, are a new form of online video content that offers viewers a variety of programming without subscription fees or sign-ups. FAST channels can be either linear or on-demand, but the main difference from traditional TV channels is that they are delivered over the internet and supported by ads.

However, launching and managing a FAST channel can be challenging and costly for broadcasters and content owners. They need to have the right technology, infrastructure, distribution, and monetization strategies to ensure the quality, reliability, and profitability of their FAST channel.

That is why Kapang, a connected TV platform owned and operated by View TV, offers a unique solution for broadcasters and content owners who want to create, broadcast, and monetize a FAST channel within days.

Kapang provides free hosted TV playout for any compatible FAST channel, as well as access to a large and global audience of connected TV (CTV) users.

Free FAST Channel Playout is amazing

Kapang’s free hosted TV playout service allows broadcasters and content owners to upload their content libraries and create curated channels that cater to different viewer preferences and interests.

Kapang also handles the encoding, scheduling, playout, and distribution of the FAST channel to various CTV devices, such as smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Kapang’s free hosted TV playout service also enables broadcasters and content owners to monetize their FAST channel through various ad revenue models, such as dynamic ad insertion (DAI), server-side ad insertion (SSAI), programmatic advertising, etc.

Kapang simply charges a CDN fee to all broadcasters and content owners and everything comes included. Kapang generates its own revenue from selling the ad inventory on the FAST channel and a revenue share between the FAST Channel operator and the CTV Platform.

Kapang’s free hosted TV playout service is a simple and cost-effective way for broadcasters and content owners to launch and monetize a FAST channel within days. All they need to do is sign up for Kapang’s SaaS model, upload their content libraries, create their channel branding and metadata, and start broadcasting their FAST channel to millions of CTV users.

Kapang is a platform that helps broadcasters and content owners transition to the future of TV broadcasting with amazing monetization and technology.

Contat Kapang at https://kapang.com

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Free FAST Channel Playout

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