YouFAST – A proven solution for Integrating Broadcasters, Streaming TV and Content Studios into one sustainable platform.

YouFAST – A FAST Channel Approach and Content Creator Solution announced by Kapang as the future of Streaming TV for Broadcasters, Content Creators, Film Studios, Live Event Broadcasters, Radio Stations, eSports, Live Sports and Video Podcasters.

Kapang’s YouFAST approach is based on a proven model of Monetizing TV Broadcasters, Streaming TV, Live Events and Video into sustainable single platform, avoiding expensive distribution deductions via a Kapang direct connect, just like YouTube enables influencers todo now.

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FACTS about FAST Channels

Kapang’s YouFAST model allows anybody with episodic TV Series, Movies, Linear Broadcast TV, FAST Channels, Podcasts and Live Events to submit and broadcast their content on the platform, guaranteed listing, no lengthy selection process and no need to go through exclusive third-parties with demanding and costly revenue shares.

Kapang understands the paramount importance of content and believes that there is a market for every piece of professionally produced material, provided the platform has discovery technology. Kapang acknowledges that YouTube’s success is largely due to its extensive content library, which facilitates easy navigation. However, Kapang also recognizes that YouTube’s platform does not adequately display or reward the quality of production, all listings are judged on listing optimization and number of views which can be disadvantageous for creators of premium content.

Is your content being everywhere mean you are nowhere?

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FAST Channel Dividends

YouFAST from Kapang is the amazing approach for Monetizing Premium Video Content and Linear Broadcasters

Kapang, along with its proprietary technology division View TV, has observed that premium TV broadcasters and premium content studios are seeking a unified CTV platform for FAST and streaming services to avoid inefficiencies and increase earnings. Content businesses do not want to do independent deals with technology companies and advertising agencies, they just need a partner to turn their audiences into cash.

The Kapang CTV Platform will generate the necessary ad-funded revenue efficiency via an exclusive ecosystem reclaiming the revenues lost via the number of hops between the audiences, the contents and the advertisers.

BROADCASTERS THINK – Owned and Operated Apps are seen as the only option for reclaiming distribution costs for Broadcasters looking to adopt streaming

Top-tier US broadcasters have expressed that until now the only previously sustainable financial strategy is to build, manage and launch their own platform applications. This approach was seen as the only available option to maintaining revenue when transforming their businesses to streaming amidst the losses they have experienced through multi-platform distribution and multiple demand-side platforms.

Operating a self-contained media application not only incurs substantial costs that are unfamiliar to the business but also demands a skill set that is not present within their existing organizational structure. This venture carries the inherent risks of assembling a new and varied team, which can introduce complexities outside the company’s traditional expertise.

Why do you think that YouTubers have not built their own video websites, because they only make great content and cannot also sell ads to a global audiences and develop independent apps for all devices, it is an agreed partnership.

Kapang has announced that for content channel creators generating more than $1,000 in daily revenues and wanting exclusive branded apps, will be provided with segregated walled garden applications filtered from their content contained on Kapang and requiring no additional management fees or effort.

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AUDIENCES THINK – TV & Film Audiences just want it all in one place

Television audiences today increasingly favor the convenience of accessing a variety of channels and content through a single application, rather than navigating multiple apps for each channel operator. This preference for a centralized platform stems from the desire for a streamlined viewing experience.

With everything in one place (as YouTube has), users can effortlessly discover new shows, binge-watch their favorite series, and enjoy live broadcasts without the hassle of switching between different apps. This unified approach not only simplifies the user experience but also reflects the modern viewer’s need for efficiency and ease in their entertainment choices treating Kapang as a true vMVPD.

ADVERTISERS THINK – Advertisers cannot keep up with the fragmentation of media and would prefer to trade using addressable methodologies.

Advertisers are increasingly wary of programmatic advertising due to its fragmented nature, which often leads to inefficiencies in reaching the desired audience and in turn lower ad-spends as they deduct the management costs.

The complexity of the programmatic ecosystem, with its myriad of intermediaries, can dilute the impact of ad spend and complicate the tracking of campaign performance. Moreover, the risk of ad fraud is significantly heightened in such a dispersed environment, where malicious actors can exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain.

These challenges lead to a more cautious approach in ad buying, as advertisers adjust their spending to compensate for the potential losses due to inaccuracies in ad delivery.

In contrast, advertisers are drawn to the idea of advertising on a single platform for Connected TV, akin to YouTube’s model, as it offers a more consolidated and secure space. This unified platform approach not only simplifies campaign management but also provides a safer environment for ad investments, reducing the chances of fraud and ensuring better addressable ad placement quality.

Advertisers have committed to spending more within a consolidated platform due to the lower campaign management overhead, centralized reporting and a higher confidence of campaign success by using traditional addressable content channel targeting.

KAPANG is the only hybrid solution to keep broadcasters, content studios, audiences and advertisers happy in a single unified space

Kapang stands out as an exemplary hybrid solution for the future of television, adeptly addressing the needs of audiences, advertisers, and content creators alike.

For viewers, Kapang offers the convenience of a single destination for diverse content, eliminating the need to hop between multiple apps and services.

Advertisers benefit from this consolidation, as it allows them to run cohesive campaigns without the complexities and risks associated with fragmented programmatic advertising.

Meanwhile, broadcasters and content creators enjoy increased revenue efficiencies, as Kapang’s streamlined ecosystem reduces the ‘hops’ or intermediaries involved in content monetization much the same as TikTok, Spotify and YouTube does for their respective content creators within their walled garden that does not require any creator integration with DSP Platforms and SSP networks.

This model mirrors the effectiveness of YouTube’s platform, which has long been praised for its ability to simplify the content delivery process while maximizing monetization opportunities.

In essence, Kapang’s approach harmonizes the ecosystem, fostering satisfaction and profitability across the board.

Why do content creators and premium television broadcasters not use YouTube?

Premium content owners often opt not to use YouTube as their primary monetization method for several reasons.

Firstly, YouTube’s revenue-sharing model means that a significant portion of advertising revenue goes to the platform itself, which can be less profitable for content owners. Creators see around a third of the gross revenues generated due to Google Ad-sales costs plus CDN & Storage technology fees which sees monetized content paying for the costs of low performing content.

Secondly, premium content creators seek more control over their content distribution and prefer platforms that offer better customization of user experience and branding opportunities.

Additionally, YouTube’s algorithm-driven visibility can make it challenging for premium content to stand out amidst a vast sea of diverse user-generated content compared to that of Netflix.

Finally, content owners are concerned about protecting their intellectual property rights and may find YouTube’s policies insufficient for preventing unauthorized use or distribution of their premium content.

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Why are existing Connected TV Platforms and Smart TV operators not providing an effective solution?

Connected TV (CTV) platforms like Pluto TV and Samsung Plus have certainly made strides in diversifying the streaming landscape, offering viewers a range of content at no cost. However, these platforms present challenges for broadcasters and content creators. The selection process to be featured on these platforms can be highly selective, leaving many creators at a disadvantage if they don’t meet the specific criteria or standards set by the platform. This gatekeeping can stifle the diversity of content available to audiences.

Moreover, the revenue split on these platforms is often skewed in favor of the platform, which can significantly reduce the earnings of content creators. This model contrasts sharply with the more creator-friendly revenue models of platforms like YouTube, where creators have the potential to earn a larger share of the advertising revenue generated by their content.

The fragmentation across multiple CTV platforms also poses a problem. Content creators must navigate a complex web of distribution channels, each with its own set of rules and revenue models. This fragmentation can dilute brand presence and make it harder for creators to build a consistent audience base.

In light of these issues, there’s a growing need for a YouTube-style CTV platform that prioritizes content creators. Such a platform would offer a more equitable revenue share, greater control over content distribution, and a simplified process for reaching audiences. By reducing the barriers to entry and providing a more unified experience, a YouTube-like CTV platform could empower creators, foster innovation, and ultimately provide viewers with a richer and more diverse array of content.

We welcome Kapang.

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Kapang is producing a Hybrid of all options in an attempt to meet the demands of all parties

Kapang is providing all of the revenue benefits of operating an owned and operated wall garden platform for broadcasters and content creators to mimic the successes of Twitch, YouTube and Spotify whilst mitigating the risks and costs into a centralized and proven technology stack.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content consumption, Kapang has emerged as a game-changer with its innovative CTV approach, YouFAST, which has been perfected with music creators and esports broadcasters with Spotify and Twitch respectively. This strategy is set to redefine the premium content, television and movie industry by offering content creators the simplicity and control reminiscent of YouTube’s creator-friendly environment with a Netflix grade filter on content quality.

Kapang, a streaming television and video platform, has recognized the challenges faced by content creators in navigating the complex web of multiple suppliers and technologies. In response, YouFAST leverages a single set of integrated SaaS Cloud-driven technology, all contained within the Kapang walled garden, to streamline the process, making it more accessible and efficient for broadcasters and studios to monetize their services and content.

YouFAST: Revolutionizing Content Streaming with Kapang’s Unified SaaS Platform

Don Cardone

The YouFAST initiative is built on the foundation of Kapang’s robust platform, which will offer a diverse range of content, up to 1,000 linear channels and 1m hours of content from niche audience channels across 14 genres to traditional publishing simulcast streaming TV channels. With the addition of YouFAST, Kapang is extending its commitment to providing a seamless experience for both creators, broadcasters, advertisers and viewers.

KAPANG FOR CREATORS AND BROADCASTERS – For creators and broadcasters, YouFAST means no longer having to juggle multiple suppliers or navigate complicated technology stacks. Instead, creators and brands can focus on what they do best: creating compelling content and curating amazing content.

The platform’s cloud-based technology ensures that creators have all the tools they need at their fingertips, from content management, live monitoring and live reporting to distribution and monetization.

KAPANG FOR VIEWERS – Viewers, on the other hand, benefit from the enriched content experience that Kapang facilitates. With Kapang’s device-independent CTV platform, audiences can access content on a variety of devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android TV, and more via a single app with coverage across all Smart TV’s imminent. This flexibility, combined with the quality content from its partners, positions Kapang as a leading partner to channels and content in the streaming space, the YouTube of CTV.

Kapang’s advantageous revenue structure is a boon for content creators and broadcasters, enabling them to fully leverage AVOD and FAST Channels. As Kapang integrates premium subscription models, live events, and ad-free viewing options, these features are set to become standard offerings, enhancing engagement and viewer satisfaction.

KAPANG FOR ADVERTISERS – Kapang’s single-platform approach across millions of hours of viewing is a strategic antidote to the pitfalls of cross-platform fragmentation that advertisers often face. By centralizing content, Kapang eliminates the confusion and inefficiency that comes with scattered media channels. This consolidation fosters advertiser confidence, as campaigns can be managed and measured more effectively in one unified space. The simplicity of this system not only enhances user engagement but also streamlines the advertising process, leading to higher revenues. Advertisers are assured of their ad’s impact, knowing that they are reaching their audience through a singular, cohesive platform where all content resides, much like the proven model of YouTube.

YouFAST represents a significant step forward for Kapang and the content creation industry as a whole. By adopting the simplicity and control of YouTube’s model and applying it to a broader premium spectrum of digital content, Kapang is setting the stage for a new era of content streaming—one that is more integrated, creator-centric, and viewer-friendly.

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YouFAST – It is all about the content, and the advertisers and more importantly the audiences

So how does Kapang work for content studios and broadcasters?

Kapang is focused on ad-supported monetization strategies that bridge content with its audience. However, it plans to roll out a premium subscription model that will allow viewers to enjoy existing content ad-free, in addition to exclusive access to premium TV channels, live events, sports and high value content, all at a cost comparable to a Spotify subscription.

The platform employs a diverse monetization approach for channels and content, which includes conventional advertising breaks, AI subtle overlay ads, product placement, call to action QR and squeeze back advertising, along with channel and genre sponsorships. This multifaceted monetization strategy more than doubles the revenue potential beyond what is typically achieved through standard programmatic ad-fill methods.

Kapang solves the problems being faced by premium content and broadcast channels by adding the following key features to it newly announced strategy:

  1. 100% Advertising Fill – Always – The effectiveness of Kapang’s advertising model may seem unbelievable from a programmatic standpoint, especially considering the comprehensive coverage of VOD and Linear TV ad-breaks. This success is attributed to the platform’s removal of its reliance on programmatic and structuring a four-tier hybrid advertising structure, which although still encompasses inefficient programmatic ads, also contains direct addressable advertising, self-service ad sales (similar to that of YouTube), and cross-channel advertising strategies provide the high value and predictable back-fill. Kapang has committed to purchasing any unsold inventory to promote its own services and content. RESULT – 30% More Revenue
  2. Kapang can pay Content and Channel Operators within 28 days – Kapang has noticed that a lot of the platforms and Demand Side Platforms (DSP) are paying their channel partners and platforms on 60-90 days terms from the end of the trading month with some platforms being as far out as 180 days. Kapang knows that Cashflow is king for Channels and Content Studios and has committed to paying within 28 days using Kapang CASH option – RESULT – Get paid quicker to avoid having to raise extensive working capital.
  3. Content and Channel Sponsorships – Kapang uniquely offers sponsorship opportunities for content and linear channels, either as part of the network’s overall run or segmented by specific times of the day. This innovative approach unlocks new revenue streams that have not been previously tapped into within the Connected TV (CTV) space. RESULT – 20% Additional Revenue
  4. Launch your content or channel within days – Gone are the days of uncertainty and delays in launching your FAST channel or Premium Video Content. With Kapang, you can rest assured that if your content meets the criteria—be it a broadcast TV channel, episodic premium content, movies in the correct format, or podcasts presented as a video series—it will be seamlessly accepted and integrated into the platform, bypassing the all-too-common hurdles of selective approval or outright rejection. RESULT – Get content and channels to market and monetizing in a few days
  5. Live Revenue and Performance Dashboard – Kapang offers a user-friendly experience akin to what influencers expect from YouTube, featuring an integrated broadcaster dashboard that updates revenue and audience metrics every hour. Content creators can conveniently track their earnings and viewership statistics in real-time, simplifying the process of monitoring the performance of their live events. This contrasts with other CTV platforms that often rely on external SaaS solutions to amalgamate financial and performance data. RESULT – Revenue Transparency and reactive performance monitoring
  6. Zero Connection or Distribution fees – Content delivery to Kapang is streamlined and cost-effective with no-preferred supplier status. For Video Content you can transmit content to Kapang via FTP, Aspera, or MRSS at no extra charge. FAST Channels are supported via HLS or SRT protocols, and Broadcast Channels can be sent using SRT or RIST. There’s also no need for Zixi fees or specialized encoding from your Playout or Managed Service provider. The typical supplier cost for channel or content delivery is expected to be under $50 per month for live channels, or merely $0.05 per hour for video content. RESULT – No more crippling Connection fees across a dozen platforms
  7. Zero revenue share options for Broadcasters – For premium broadcast channels and establish Content Studios Kapang provides a true profit guarantee SaaS model where channels receive 100% of the revenue generated with a SaaS cost much the same as operating a wall gardened Owned and Operated App. RESULT – A sustainable revenue model for broadcasters without having to create their own walled garden apps

Kapang YouFAST has three different entry level models depending on the size and value of the business as well as the expected revenues of the content or channel provider.

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Kapang introduces Interactive Ads

Kapang Studio – Kapang creator is a model setup for small content creators of up to 500 hours of content who simply want to monetize their episodic television series, movies, podcasts or documentaries directly with Kapang. Kapang will also create the FAST channel via a managed service agreement or add the content to existing O&O channels depending on the strength of the brand. Kapang will engage proactive distribution of VOD and FAST Channels to other platforms without any fixed charges. Click here for costs

Kapang Channels – Kapang channels is a package that allows any existing FAST Channel with a AVOD content Catalogue to monetize their service on Kapang profitably within a few days. This service either requires that you have an existing FAST Channel available as either a fully specified HLS or directly via and SRT feed. All channels will benefit from higher revenues and multiple revenue streams from their existing services and will submit their AVOD to support the service. Click Here for costs

Kapang Broadcaster – Kapang Broadcaster is the premium package that allows high audience broadcasters and studios to retain all of their advertising revenues in exchange for an operating SaaS fee which provides greater profitability to that of a walled-garden app collection, reducing time to market whilst retaining critical earnings. Kapang Broadcaster package also enables channels and studios the ability to sell advertisements and sponsorships directly on to the channels with an option of pushing these sales across the channel network. Click here for Costs

Kapang in a nutshell……

Kapang’s YouFAST initiative represents a significant advancement in the streaming TV industry. By offering a unified, creator-centric, and viewer-friendly platform, Kapang aims to harmonize the ecosystem, benefiting content creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and audiences alike. With its innovative approach, Kapang is poised to redefine the future of content streaming and monetization, bridging the gap between content and its audience in a more efficient and profitable manner.

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