How does a FAST Channel operate as a business model?

FAST Channels operate as a business model like any other business, but this should not be associated to be a content business model it is a broadcaster model.

FAST Channels can only make money by being watched by audiences on Connected TV platforms, mobile apps, websites or owned and operated Apps.

For every hour a channel is watched there is 12 minutes of available ad-space on average which would typically consist of twenty-four thirty second adverts just like traditional television. Each one of these ads would typically pay $0.01 – $0.02 per viewer per play. For the example below we have suggested a mean figure of $0.015 per ad.

e.g. the earnings on a FAST Channel for 1,000 people watching for 2 hours per day would total 60,000 hours per month.

example: –

60,000 watched hours x 24 ads per hour = 1,440,000 adverts played at $0.015 = $21,600/month

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