Electric Cars are dropping like a stone

Every car loses value as soon as you drive it off a forecourt. Unfortunately, depreciation is just something you have to accept when buying a new car. However, some cars seem to be more susceptible at losing value than others, and in this instance, we’re taking a closer look at electric cars! We’ve teamed up with cap hpi to take a look at some of the newer electric cars to hit our streets, and we’re finding out what the top 10 worst electric cars are when it comes to losing value after one year of ownership. From affordable to high-end cars, it seems no car is safe from depreciation! For example, we found a Porsche Taycan Turbo S from 2023 that only had 20 miles on the clock, and the value had dropped from £150,000 to £113,000 – that’s a loss of around £1,800 for each mile the car had travelled! However, some cars have seen a much steeper decline in their value. But which do you think will claim the top spot?

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