Putting Local TV in the FAST Lane as a primary revenue stream to add sustainability for the future.

Local TV or Hyper-local TV as it is sometimes called is key to communities in the USA.

The survival of local television broadcasting in the United States is at a critical juncture. The current system, which involves content delivery networks like Syncbak using LocalNow and Samsung Plus, has placed a disproportionate financial burden on broadcasters. They are responsible for covering more than two-thirds of the operational costs while only receiving a fraction of the revenue—approximately one-tenth. This imbalance is exacerbated by a myriad of technology providers that sit between the broadcasters and the revenue, each taking a slice of the earnings, leaving broadcasters with an unsustainable share.

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The Free-to-air Streaming Broadcaster Pizza Analogy

Broadcasters are under the belief that there is not enough advertising to go around, but it is simply too many takers in the chain.

What is Local TV to the American Audiences?

Local television in the United States holds a unique and irreplaceable position in the fabric of American society. It is not merely a source of entertainment; it is a vital community service that connects people to their local world. Here are a few reasons why local TV cannot be undervalued:

Community Connection: Local TV stations provide a sense of community that national broadcasts cannot replicate. They cover local news, events, and issues that are directly relevant to the viewers’ lives, fostering a connection that is both personal and communal.

Public Service: Often, local TV is the first to inform the community about emergencies, weather alerts, and other urgent updates. This service is crucial for public safety and cannot be compromised in quality or accessibility.

Local Economy: Local TV supports the local economy by promoting small businesses and covering local job markets. It plays a significant role in the economic development and prosperity of the communities it serves.

Cultural Representation: Local stations often reflect the cultural diversity of the area, providing a platform for local voices and stories that might otherwise be overlooked.

Educational Content: Many local TV stations offer educational programming that benefits students and lifelong learners, contributing to the educational goals of the community.

Political Engagement: By covering local politics, including debates and town hall meetings, local TV encourages civic engagement and informed voting.

In essence, local TV is an indispensable part of American life. Its value extends beyond the screen, deeply influencing the social, cultural, and economic aspects of the communities it serves. It is a trusted companion for many, and its significance should not be underestimated. The expectation for quality and the reliance on local TV as a community service are well-founded, and any attempt to cheapen it would be a disservice to the audience it faithfully serves.

Is there a solution to provide enough revenue to sustain the future of Local TV?

Enter Kapang Adx, a game-changing solution designed to address these financial disparities. Kapang Adx’s innovative approach redirects two-thirds of the revenue back to the broadcasters. It ensures 100% ad-fill, which not only maximizes the revenue pool but also grants broadcasters complete control over their linear services. This control is crucial for broadcasters to meet their legal obligations and to comply with retransmission consent fees.

The impact of implementing Kapang Adx is significant. For a local station with an average viewership of 1 million people, the revenue potential ranges from $250,000 to $750,000 per month. This is a stark contrast to the $75,000 to $150,000 that other solutions might offer, even if they achieve 100% ad-fill. Kapang Adx’s model not only promises a more equitable distribution of revenue but also empowers broadcasters to deliver the content they envision, ensuring the longevity and prosperity of local television broadcasting.

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Local TV in the FAST Lane

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