Kapang K2: The Ultimate Cross Platform FAST & Subs Streaming Solution

Kapang, the leading provider of streaming solutions, has announced the launch of Kapang K2, a revolutionary platform that provides brand new apps across all Google, Apple and CTV platforms. Kapang K2 delivers a Cable Box solution for television and video audiences with global channel access via ad funded and subscription models, with the ability to pay virtual tickets for live events and shows.

Kapang K2 is a cloud-based platform that offers a seamless user experience across devices and platforms. Users can access a variety of content genres, from live TV and sports to movies and shows, with flexible subscription and payment options. Kapang K2 also allows users to purchase virtual tickets for exclusive live events and shows, such as concerts, festivals, and premieres.

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Streaming Media Enterprise

Streaming Media Content Owners

Kapang K2 is designed to empower content owners and content businesses, especially independent filmmakers and studios, to migrate to a cord cutting universe. Kapang K2 enables content creators to distribute and monetize their content with ease and efficiency, while retaining full control and ownership of their intellectual property.

“Kapang K2 is a game-changer for the streaming industry. It is the most comprehensive and versatile platform that caters to the needs and preferences of both content creators and consumers. Kapang K2 is the ultimate Cable Box solution for streaming content, offering quality, variety and value to everyone.” said Jamie Branson, CEO of Kapang.

Where can people engage with kapang K2?

Kapang K2 is now available in all app stores and will be officially launched in early 2024. To learn more about Kapang K2 and sign up for the beta program, visit www.kapang.com or check out https://viewtvx.com if you are a broadcaster or content owner.

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