Kapang CTV Platform will be available on Apple Vision Pro from launch

Kapang, a leading FAST CTV Platform, has announced that its new version of the Kapang TV platform will be available on the Apple Vision Pro App Store, the brand-new app store that will launch with Apple Vision Pro, the revolutionary spatial computing device from Apple.

Kapang TV is a cloud-based TV platform that enables broadcasters and content owners to launch and monetize their own FAST Channels, AVOD, and SVOD content on various CTV and video devices. Kapang TV offers a seamless user experience across devices and platforms, allowing users to access a variety of content genres, from live TV and sports to movies and shows, with flexible subscription and payment options.

Kapang TV is compatible with visionOS, the operating system that powers Apple Vision Pro. VisionOS seamlessly blends digital content with the physical space, allowing users to navigate with their eyes, hands, and voice. VisionOS also supports hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone apps that run great on visionOS too.

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By launching on the Apple Vision Pro App Store, Kapang TV will be able to reach a wider and more diverse audience, as well as take advantage of the unique and immersive capabilities of visionOS. Users will be able to enjoy Kapang TV content on an infinite canvas, expand their movies, shows, and games up to the perfect size, and feel like they are part of the action with Spatial Audio. Users will also be able to purchase virtual tickets for exclusive live events and shows, such as concerts, festivals, and premieres.

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“Kapang TV is excited to be one of the first streaming platforms to launch on the Apple Vision Pro App Store. We believe that visionOS is the future of spatial computing, and we are eager to offer our content creators and consumers a new and innovative way to experience streaming content. Kapang TV is committed to delivering quality, variety, and value to everyone.” said Jamie Branson, CEO of Kapang.

Kapang TV will be available on the Apple Vision Pro App Store early next year, when Apple Vision Pro becomes available. To learn more about Kapang TV and sign up for the beta program, visiit https://viewtvx.com/kapang-tv/.

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