Live sports streaming and amazing fan engagement

Live Sports Streaming and amazing fan engagement. How FAST Monetization Can Benefit Fans and Teams.
Live sports are one of the most popular and lucrative forms of entertainment in the world, attracting millions of viewers and generating billions of dollars in revenue.

The traditional ways of delivering live sports to fans are changing rapidly, as more and more consumers are cutting the cord and opting for streaming video services instead of cable or satellite TV.

Streaming video services, such as Kapang, offer many advantages for sports fans, such as convenience, personalization, interactivity, and access to a wider range of content. However, they also pose some challenges, such as fragmentation, complexity, and cost. How can sports teams and leagues adapt to this new landscape and provide the best possible experience for their fans while also maximizing their monetization potential?

One possible solution is to leverage the power of FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) platforms, which are online video services that offer free or low-cost access to a variety of channels and content, supported by targeted advertising. FAST platforms are growing in popularity among consumers, especially younger ones, who prefer free or cheap options over expensive subscriptions. According to Forbes, by 2023, 56.1 million U.S. households are likely to give up paid TV services altogether, with 90% of younger people preferring FAST services as the FAST Way.

FAST Live Sports Streaming

For sports teams, launching a FAST offering is a good way to engage better with sports fans and open up new monetization opportunities. For example, with the help of a good tech provider, they can ensure broadcast-grade quality and low latency rates for fans taking advantage of FAST-powered sports channels. They can also offer personalized and interactive features, such as customized highlights, live stats, polls, quizzes, chat rooms, and social media integration. Moreover, they can leverage data and analytics to deliver relevant and targeted ads to their viewers, creating a win-win situation for both fans and advertisers.

Some examples of sports teams and leagues that are already exploring the FAST model include:
• The NFL, which has partnered with Amazon to stream 15 Thursday Night Football games exclusively on Prime Video starting from the 2023 season Live Streaming Wars. The deal is worth $1 billion per season and will give Amazon access to a large and loyal fan base.

• Major League Baseball (MLB), which has teamed up with Apple TV+ to stream “Friday Night Baseball” games starting from the 2022 season. The deal is part of Apple’s strategy to expand its original content portfolio and attract more subscribers.

• The NHL, has signed a seven-year agreement with ESPN that will include streaming 75 regular-season games per year exclusively on ESPN+ and Hulu starting from the 2021-22 season. The deal will also integrate NHL.TV into ESPN+, making it the ultimate destination for hockey fans in the U.S.
These are just some examples of how sports teams and leagues are embracing the FAST model to reach new audiences, enhance fan engagement, and generate new revenue streams. As streaming becomes the dominant mode of consuming live sports in the future, FAST platforms will likely play a key role in shaping the industry and delivering value to both fans and teams.

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