Maximizing Revenue: The Case for FAST Channels to Rethink Technology Fees

In the dynamic world of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels, the race to capture audiences has led to a proliferation of platforms offering cutting-edge technology solutions. However, this technological advancement comes at a steep price for content creators and channel owners. The current industry standard often involves surrendering a significant portion of revenue in exchange for technology services that cost only a fraction of these deductions. This model is unsustainable and requires a strategic reevaluation.

The Disproportionate Cost of Technology

FAST channels are increasingly dependent on technology providers for distribution, ad insertion, and analytics. While these services are essential, the fees associated with them can consume a large chunk of potential earnings. It’s not uncommon for channels to give away up to 50% of their revenue to cover these costs. This arrangement is particularly burdensome for smaller channels that struggle to generate substantial income.

The Need for Financial Equilibrium

The key to a thriving FAST channel lies in achieving a balance between technology costs and revenue retention. Channels must negotiate better terms that align more closely with the actual value of the services provided. By doing so, they can retain a larger share of their revenue, reinvesting it into content creation, marketing, and further technological enhancements that directly contribute to audience growth and engagement.

Alternative Models for Sustainability

One potential solution is the adoption of a flat-fee model, where channels pay a fixed amount for technology services regardless of revenue. This model provides clarity and predictability in expenses, allowing channels to budget more effectively and retain a greater share of their income.

Another approach is revenue-sharing based on net profits rather than gross earnings. This ensures that technology fees are only deducted after other operational costs are covered, safeguarding the financial health of the channel.

Investing in Marketing and Content

With a more equitable financial model, FAST channels can allocate funds towards marketing efforts and high-quality content production—two critical factors in attracting and retaining viewers. Marketing drives visibility and brand recognition, while compelling content ensures that once viewers arrive, they stay engaged.


FAST channels are at a crossroads. To secure their future, they must stop relinquishing excessive revenue shares for technology services. Instead, they should advocate for fairer financial arrangements that reflect the true cost of technology and allow for sustainable growth. By doing so, they will not only enhance their profitability but also strengthen their position in the competitive streaming landscape.

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