FAST Channel Marketing is imperative and not included by the platforms……

In the rapidly evolving media landscape, Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels are emerging as a significant force. However, their potential is often untapped due to a common misconception: that platforms alone can drive audiences. This belief is misguided. Platforms serve as a technological foundation with inherent traffic, but it is the marketing of a brand and its channels that truly captivates and retains viewers.

Major Broadcasters do lots of TV Channel Marketing

Take industry giants like HBO and CBS, for example. Their success is not merely a product of their content’s availability; it is the result of strategic marketing campaigns that elevate their shows above the noise of a crowded marketplace. FAST channels must emulate this approach, leveraging both traditional and digital marketing avenues to carve out their niche and attract viewers.

FAST Channels cannot afford marketing

The challenge, however, lies in the financial model that governs most FAST ecosystems. With platforms claiming up to 50% of revenue and an inefficient ad sales chain, channels are left with scant budgets, unable to market effectively. This financial strain keeps them as “the best kept secret,” hindering their growth and visibility.

The stark reality is that most channels only receive an eighth of the gross revenues, leaving them financially incapacitated to cover the costs of content acquisition, marketing, and technical operations. Consequently, they falter, unable to compete or establish a foothold in the industry.

FAST Channel Marketing is a fundamental requirement

Marketing is not an optional luxury; it is a fundamental requirement for any business seeking to thrive. FAST channels are no exception. To break free from the cycle of insolvency and obscurity, the ecosystem must embrace innovative advertising models, such as the Kapang adx approach. This model promises a more equitable distribution of revenue, empowering channels to invest in the necessary marketing to elevate their brand and content.

FAST Channels need to demand leadership in the monetization ecosystem

Until such changes are adopted, FAST channels will continue to struggle, operating on the fringes of the industry rather than at its forefront. It is only through a concerted effort to market their offerings that these channels can realize their full potential and transform from a weak version of what they could be into a robust and thriving media force.

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Content Marketing is imperative to Broadcaster Success

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