Podcasting’s Lucrative Edge Over FAST Channels and CTV

In the burgeoning world of digital media, podcasting has emerged as a surprisingly lucrative contender, outpacing Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels and Connected TV (CTV) in revenue generation. The secret to podcasting’s financial success lies in its streamlined monetization chain, which contrasts sharply with the convoluted revenue-sharing models that burden FAST channels and CTV.

The Simplicity of Podcast Monetization

Podcasting operates on a relatively straightforward economic model. Creators often strike deals where they retain a substantial 70% of the advertising revenue, with the remaining 30% going to platforms and distributors. This generous split is complemented by attractive Cost Per Mille (CPM) rates averaging around $23, and even more lucrative live read advertisements fetching up to $35 per CPM. Such figures are a testament to the efficiency and profitability of the podcasting revenue model.

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The Complexity of FAST and CTV Revenue Models

In stark contrast, FAST channels and CTV operators are entangled in a complex web of revenue-sharing agreements. The typical FAST channel owner might only see about 10% of the gross advertising revenue, with the rest being siphoned off by a multitude of intermediaries in the ad sales chain. Moreover, the CPM rates for FAST channels are often as low as $2, a mere fraction of what podcasters can command.

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FAST is last in the food chain of advertising revenues

A Call for Change in FAST and CTV

The disparity in earnings is not just a financial concern; it’s an embarrassment for the FAST and CTV industry. While podcasters enjoy a direct and profitable relationship with their advertisers, FAST channels and CTV must navigate through a labyrinth of middlemen, each taking a cut and diluting the potential profits.

The situation calls for a radical overhaul of the FAST and CTV revenue models. These platforms need to reduce the number of intermediaries and negotiate better terms that allow content creators to retain a larger share of the revenue. Only then can they hope to compete with the appealing economics of podcasting.

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podcasts are easier than ctv


As the media landscape continues to evolve, it’s clear that podcasting has set a benchmark for revenue efficiency that FAST channels and CTV should aspire to. The message is clear: simplify the monetization chain, empower content creators, and perhaps the embarrassment of lagging behind podcasting can be turned into a story of triumph and financial success.

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