Feasting on FAST FOOD: Kapang’s Recipe for Streaming Success

FAST FOOD from Kapang – In the dynamic world of streaming, the Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels are the new frontier for content creators and broadcasters. However, the journey to profitability has been fraught with challenges, with many operators seeing little to no revenue. Kapang, in collaboration with View TV Studios, is changing the narrative with its innovative FAST FOOD campaign.

The FAST FOOD Initiative

The FAST FOOD campaign is a strategic move by Kapang to nourish the FAST channel ecosystem with a substantial share of gross advertising revenues. This initiative is not just about financial sustenance; it’s a comprehensive support system that allows FAST Channels and Ad-supported Video on Demand (AVOD) operators to reinvest in content, marketing, branding, and technology. The goal is to create a sustainable, stand-alone business model that empowers any niche FAST channel or broadcaster transitioning to free ad-funded streaming services.

A Traditional Model for a Modern Era

Kapang’s FAST FOOD approach mirrors the traditional television channel model, which has been a proven success. Audiences, advertisers, and broadcasters have long agreed on its effectiveness, and Kapang believes there’s no need for a radical change. Instead, the FAST FOOD campaign aims to match all channels to this time-tested framework, ensuring familiarity and stability for all stakeholders.

Addressing the Revenue Share Dilemma

One of the major hurdles in the FAST channel industry has been the unfavorable revenue shares, with multiple parties taking significant cuts. This has left FAST Channel operators at the bottom of the food chain, often receiving only a fifth of the gross revenues and facing the challenge of less than half of the advertisements being sold.

Kapang’s Sustainable Solution

Kapang’s solution is a lion’s share revenue model that prioritizes the channel operators. By offering the majority of gross advertising revenues to the channels, Kapang ensures that they have the necessary funds to invest in enhancing their offerings. This model is a stark contrast to the industry norm and positions Kapang as a leader in the push for sustainability in streaming broadcasting.

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FAST Channels are Broken without FAST Food


The FAST FOOD campaign by Kapang, in partnership with View TV Studios, is a bold step towards ensuring the longevity and prosperity of FAST channels. By providing a generous revenue share and advocating for investment in quality content and robust marketing strategies, Kapang is setting the table for a feast where all FAST channel operators can thrive.

This article outlines the positive approach taken by Kapang and View TV Studios to address the financial challenges faced by FAST channels. By drawing parallels with the traditional television model and offering a generous revenue share, Kapang’s FAST FOOD campaign is poised to transform the streaming broadcast landscape into a sustainable and profitable venture.

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Legacy and FAST TV channels should have the same format

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