Broadcaster FAST Channels – Existing Cable TV broadcasters will dominate Streaming

Broadcaster FAST Channels – Get ready for a cord-cutting revolution! Existing cable TV broadcasters are taking the lead, offering what viewers crave: familiar base channels, a multitude of niche options, and all this at no cost or a fraction of the price, accessible on any device, anywhere.

Television is changing and audiences demand more

The world of television entertainment has undergone a seismic shift in recent years with the rise of streaming services and the increasing trend of cord-cutting. Amidst this transformation, a new player is emerging in the streaming arena: traditional television broadcasters.

These Broadcaster FAST Channels are poised to make better FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) Channels, leveraging their profound understanding of the TV channel business, brand recognition, existing dedicated audiences, marketing prowess, content selection, and schedule curation.

This strategic move holds the potential to provide a genuine cord-cutting solution for viewers seeking a seamless transition from traditional TV to streaming.

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Understanding FAST Channels

FAST Channels are the latest addition to the streaming landscape, offering viewers a curated selection of content available for free with advertising support. They aim to replicate the traditional TV experience while providing more flexibility and convenience, aligning perfectly with the needs of cord-cutters.

The Power of Traditional Broadcasters in FAST

  1. Channel Branding: Traditional broadcasters have spent decades building strong channel brands. Whether it’s a news network, sports channel, or entertainment network, these brands are instantly recognizable and carry a sense of trust and authority.
  2. Loyal Audiences: Broadcasters have nurtured loyal viewer bases over the years. These audiences have come to rely on their favourite TV channels for specific types of content, whether it’s news, sports events, or primetime shows.
  3. Marketing Expertise: Traditional broadcasters have deep pockets and extensive experience in marketing. Their ability to promote their channels and content is unmatched, making it easier for them to attract viewers to their FAST Channels.
  4. Content Selection: With a vast library of content and access to exclusive programming, broadcasters have the advantage of being able to curate a diverse range of offerings to cater to a broad audience.
  5. Schedule Curation: One of the unique selling points of traditional TV is the carefully crafted programming schedule. Broadcasters excel at creating lineups that keep viewers engaged throughout the day, a skill they can bring to their FAST Channels.

The Cord-Cutting Solution wanted by audiences

The transition from cable or satellite TV to streaming services has often left viewers feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and the absence of familiar channels. This is where traditional broadcasters come in. By offering FAST Channels that mirror the traditional TV experience, they provide a seamless bridge for viewers, making the transition to cord-cutting more comfortable and familiar, but Pluto does not allow broadcasters onto the platform unhindered.

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Why are People Cord-Cutting?

Benefits for Viewers from Broadcaster FAST Channels:

  1. Familiarity: FAST Channels from traditional broadcasters offer viewers the channels and content they already know and love, eliminating the need for a steep learning curve.
  2. Content Variety: With their extensive libraries and exclusive content deals, broadcasters can provide a diverse range of programming to cater to a wide audience.
  3. Consistent Scheduling: FAST Channels from traditional broadcasters can replicate the familiar TV schedule, offering a structured viewing experience.
  4. Trusted Branding: Viewers can trust the content and quality associated with established broadcasters, reducing uncertainty in their streaming choices.

Conclusion on Cable TV Broadcaster FAST Channels

The integration of traditional broadcasters into the world of FAST Channels is an exciting development in the streaming industry. Leveraging their expertise in branding, content selection, schedule curation, and marketing, these broadcasters have the potential to offer viewers a cord-cutting solution that feels both comfortable and convenient. As viewers continue to seek alternatives to traditional cable TV, FAST Channels from traditional broadcasters represent a bridge that can ease the transition and provide a welcome sense of familiarity in the rapidly evolving world of streaming entertainment.

How do broadcasters invest in Broadcast FAST Channels?

View TV has produced multiple Broadcast Compliant Channel transformations from Cable TV and Satellite EPG to Broadcast FAST Channels.

View TV named their Premium FAST Channels process as BLAST Channels (Broadcast Linear Ad-funded Streaming Television) which use their FAST PLUS methodology provided by their Video Streaming Ecosystem and fronted by their Consumer Facing Connected TV Platform Kapang.

View TV has solved the top three complaints from audiences when they Watch FAST Channels

  • The ad breaks go to slate when they cannot be filled – View TV fills 100% of breaks
  • The channels are curated badly and start at random timesBLAST Channels are exactly like existing TV Channels.
  • The Channels have ad breaks not at the end of a scene – BLAST Channels have curated ad breaks just like TV.

Get your content archive, channel brand and loyal audience to a BLAST Channel across FAST Channel Platforms and receive a higher revenue per hour watched than currently exists on Cable with the efficient ecosystem from View TV.

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