FAST is the Future of TV Delivery, not an excuse to change TV formats

TV viewers today have more choices than ever before. They can watch their favourite shows and movies on various platforms, such as cable, satellite, streaming, or over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting. However, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, cable and satellite offer a wide range of channels and content, but they also require expensive subscriptions and contracts. Streaming offers flexibility and convenience, but it also requires a reliable internet connection and bandwidth. OTA broadcasting offers free and local content, but it also has limited coverage and quality.

That is why FAST Channels, or free ad-supported streaming TV channels, are a new form of TV delivery that combines the best of both worlds: OTA broadcasting and streaming.

FAST Channels are not a different TV format, but rather a way to deliver TV content over the internet for free. FAST Channels offer viewers a cable-like experience, with a linear format and a guide, as well as the option to pause, rewind, or watch again live TV content.

FAST Channels also offer a wide range of content, from movies and shows to news and sports, catering to different viewer preferences and interests. Moreover, FAST Channels are accessible on various devices, such as smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc., giving viewers more flexibility and convenience.

FAST Channels are also beneficial for broadcasters and content owners. They can use FAST Channels to reach and monetize their audiences online, without compromising their content quality, brand identity, and revenue potential. FAST Channels allow broadcasters and content owners to leverage their existing content libraries and create curated channels that appeal to niche audiences.

FAST Channels enable broadcasters and content owners to monetize their content through various ad revenue models, such as dynamic ad insertion (DAI), server-side ad insertion (SSAI), programmatic advertising, etc. but make sure you have content and a brand that people trust and enjoy.

FAST Channels are a simple and cost-effective way to deliver TV content over the internet for free. They do not require any subscription fees or sign-ups from the viewers. They do not require any expensive infrastructure or equipment from the broadcasters and content owners. They only require a playout system that can encode, schedule, playout, and distribute the FAST Channel to various CTV devices.

Stop thinking FAST is a new format of television, it is just a more efficient delivery method……

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