Monetization Models in Digital Broadcasting: YouTube vs. Professional CTV Platforms

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital broadcasting, content creators and broadcasters are constantly seeking viable monetization models. YouTube, known for its cost-free net revenue earnings platform, has revolutionized the way individual creators monetize their content. However, when it comes to TV program and movie monetization, YouTube’s model shows its limitations due to the nature of the platform being predominantly user-generated content (UGC).

The Challenge with YouTube Monetization

YouTube’s discoverability and ad-positioning are largely influenced by the understanding that most content adjacent to advertisements is not of studio quality. This perception affects the value and treatment of such content. Moreover, traditional TV typically features 8-15 minutes of advertising per hour, whereas YouTube offers a fraction of this, not fully maximizing ad positioning and revenue potential. YouTube aims to balance the number of adverts to maintain audience satisfaction, rather than justifying content investment based on a UGC algorithm.

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YouTube is a great monetization for UGC

The Rise of Professional CTV Platforms

Professional Connected TV (CTV) platforms offer a monetization model akin to television and movie theatre-grade advertising, funding high-quality content. However, this ecosystem has been impacted by the disproportionate share of revenue taken by multiple ad-tech companies, reducing the earnings of program creators and linear broadcasters. Despite CTV platforms having three times more advertising per hour than YouTube, the revenue share for content creators is often less than what YouTube generates.

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View TV’s Kapang ADX: A Sustainable Solution

View TV, in collaboration with their consumer-facing platform KAPANG, has introduced Kapang ADX. This innovative platform provides a sustainable earnings model for linear broadcasters and content studios by leveraging the additional advertising spots available per hour watched. Kapang ADX utilizes the ad-sales efficiency of YouTube while requiring only a single supplier, streamlining the process and increasing revenue share.

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Kapang adX Pizza Chart

The Advantages of Kapang ADX

Kapang ADX offers the user-friendly benefits of YouTube with the efficient earnings potential of CTV platforms. It generates more than four times the revenue of existing CTV solutions and more than double that of YouTube. Additionally, it provides better discoverability and a premium space for independent content studios and broadcasters. This is achieved without the need for costly independent apps, as audiences prefer a centralized platform akin to YouTube.

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Revenue Modelling Stack Up on FAST Channels


The introduction of Kapang ADX by View TV marks a significant step forward in digital broadcasting monetization. It bridges the gap between the accessibility of YouTube and the revenue potential of professional CTV platforms, offering a comprehensive solution for content creators and broadcasters in the digital age.

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