Tellyo wins strategic investor for monetisation of Live Sports & Entertainment

TELLYO Acquisition -Market-leading live cloud remote video production and distribution platform, is pleased to announce that a US investor has acquired the majority stake in the business, replacing its previous investor and retaining its award-winning management team.

The new investors have not only secured the business but also enabled Tellyo to secure a relationship with a leading digital broadcast provider. This provider adds distribution, ad technology, ad sales and linear television services to the Tellyo portfolio to provide an end-to-end solution for production companies and rights owners alike.

The broadcast partnership brings exciting synergies between the two parties, providing exclusive joint services enabling Tellyo to provide global monetisation opportunities for its existing customers, media rights owners, sports clubs, entertainment venues, music festivals and broadcasters.

Tellyo has today launched an integrated end-to-end monetisation solution seamlessly powered by its already unbeatable software products using its industry-standard SCTE 35 integration and exclusive Video AI automation.

The new investor enables Tellyo to extend its latest industry-leading features within the established live production platform, providing remote GPU-powered editing powered by Adobe, full FAST playout integration, broadcast-grade CDN, consumer apps management platform and distribution to global television platforms, including Samsung TV Plus, YouTube, Amazon and Apple.  Production companies, Sports teams and Entertainment rights holders can now access premium monetised broadcast services across FAST Platforms, CTV Integration, VOD distribution and cross-platform apps without paying additional suppliers.

Tellyo sees the future of Live Broadcasting as predominantly based on streaming delivery, but most cord-cutting sports solutions cannot deliver the revenues needed.  Tellyo now provides revenue models for production companies and rights holders by enabling access to Connected TV and cord-cutting audiences globally, with fully sustainable monetisation.  Tellyo is excited to provide a solution to remove unnecessary revenue share partners, and deliver high-yielding advertisers and subscribers whilst demonstrating exponentially higher earnings than traditional social media platforms such as YouTube.

As part of the acquisition, Tellyo has announced the rebranding of its core services with Tellyo Pro, and Tellyo Studio, providing Cloud-based Remote live production and live clipping with video editing, respectively.  The service rebrand enables a consistent roadmap for future feature rollout, with Tellyo Live being the first.   Tellyo Live brings fully managed audience and monetisation tools, Connected TV distribution, private branded apps, and broadcast-grade delivery to customers immediately.

Tellyo has also announced a more straightforward product SaaS billing model to provide an industry-standard managed AWS approach.  All Tellyo products have considerable price advantages on their new event day and annual commitment billing depending on the number of committed events annually.   Tellyo Studio will see maximum fees of $15/hour and Tellyo Pro at $30/hour based on commitments with Tellyo Live, enabling live events to earn thousands of dollars per day across multiple global audience platforms.

Tellyo has recently delivered X Games, European Youth Olympics, Rugby league World Cup, European Games, Pulsat, Variety Magazine, SNY, Coindesk, Emmys and Ascot Racecourse, with the future diary looking with news networks,  football, baseball, and motorsports globally.

The History of Tellyo

Tellyo was founded in 2012 by Jakub Majkowski, a passionate video enthusiast who wanted to create a consumer-facing product for sharing short-form video content on social media.  In 2014, Richard Collins joined the business, raising funds to pivot the business as a world-class video contribution platform and launched Tellyo Pro two years later.  

Tellyo had previously raised €5m from Exset Group between 2014 and 2021, growing its customer base and revenue significantly.  The sale and refinancing deal that exits Exset will provide Tellyo with additional capital, resources and customers to further expand its global presence, enhance its product offerings and deliver more value.

Tellyo initially focused on the B2B market, helping media partners and content owners to rapidly share content across all social platforms to get the total reach and engagement benefit of online video.

In 2018 Tellyo saw a market opportunity in Live Event broadcasting and launched its flagship product, Stream Studio, with a live production studio in the cloud, incorporating 24 inputs, frame-accurate switching of 16 live video feeds, more than channels of audio and multiple instant replay channels but now has more than one hundred unbeaten industry-leading features.

Tellyo provides managed hosted cloud-native solutions that enable media and content teams to collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world, coming together to produce live video content and then distribute it to various broadcast, digital and social destinations. Trusted by broadcasters, media producers, sports federations, and teams worldwide, Tellyo is cost-effective, highly scalable and can be used for events of all sizes, saving thousands of dollars on travel and services whilst allowing teams to deliver more events to keep up with consumer demands.

In 2018, they partnered with Adobe to launch an integration with Adobe Premiere, bringing the ability to edit directly in Premiere Pro via the Tellyo panel and share content through Tellyo within a team for more complex workflows, sharing Apple Pro Rez file to broadcasters or to publish content directly to Digital and Social Destinations.  

Richard Collins, Tellyo CEO, said: “We are delighted to announce this deal. This deal is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, who have built a world-class platform that empowers our customers to create engaging and compelling live video content. We are excited about the next chapter of our journey, especially the partnership to bring full FAST Channel Playout, Server-side Ad Insertion, Ad-funded & and e-Ticket Monetization and instant access to residual audiences.  TELLYO shares the vision of other industry professionals by enabling smarter production for the digital age and the critical importance of monetisation to enabling profitable distribution of content.” 

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