The Challenge of Transitioning to Free-to-Air Streaming for Traditional Broadcasters

In the rapidly evolving landscape of television broadcasting, traditional cable and satellite broadcasters face a significant dilemma. The shift towards Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms promises a future aligned with changing consumer habits, but it comes at a cost that many broadcasters find unsustainable.

The FAST Model: A Fraction of the Revenue

The FAST business model operates on the premise of free access to content, generating revenue primarily through advertising. However, this model provides only a fraction of the revenue that broadcasters are accustomed to from subscription-based services. The reduced income stream has led many to question the viability of converting to a fully ad-supported model without compromising their financial stability and professional business operations.

Programmatic Ad Trading: Inefficiency and Revenue Loss

A core issue with FAST platforms is the reliance on programmatic ad trading. This system, driven by computer algorithms, is designed to automate the buying and selling of ad space. While it offers efficiency in some respects, it also results in significant revenue leakage. Broadcasters find themselves giving away the lion’s share of earnings to the ad trading platforms, with advertisers paying hefty sums that do not fully reach the content providers.

Moreover, programmatic trading often fails to deliver on the promise of ad space utilization. More than two-thirds of all TV advertising breaks go unfilled, leading to a substantial loss of potential revenue. The portion of the revenue that does reach broadcasters is further diminished, as they must cover the costs of content production and payments to downstream suppliers.

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FAST Channel Ad-dollar sharing is killing broadcast

View TV’s Walled Garden Solution

In response to these challenges, View TV has developed an innovative solution that seeks to empower broadcasters. Their ‘walled garden’ approach provides a single point solution that ensures 100% ad-fill rates. By circumventing the inefficiencies of programmatic ad trading, View TV places control back into the hands of broadcasters, allowing them to manage their destiny and cash flow effectively.

Global Distribution and Additional Revenue Streams

View TV’s platform extends beyond mere ad-fill optimization. It offers global multi-platform distribution, ensuring that content reaches audiences across various devices and regions. This broad reach is complemented by additional revenue streams that traditional broadcasting models cannot match.

One such stream is AI-based product placement. By integrating products seamlessly into content, broadcasters can tap into new advertising opportunities that resonate with viewers. Additionally, View TV’s call-to-action integrativity drives engagement, encouraging direct responses from viewers and opening up further avenues for monetization.

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PodCAST shows the way Revenue is Earned

Conclusion: A Sustainable Future for Broadcasters

The transition to free-to-air streaming is fraught with challenges, but solutions like View TV’s walled garden approach offer a beacon of hope. By providing broadcasters with tools to maximize ad revenue, control distribution, and explore new revenue streams, there is a path forward that could potentially yield greater financial returns than traditional legacy television delivery methods.

In conclusion, while the FAST model presents hurdles, innovation and strategic adaptation may pave the way for a sustainable and profitable future for broadcasters in the streaming era.

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