The Dawn of FAST: A New Era for Television Broadcasting as it embraces Streaming

In the ever-evolving landscape of media consumption, the transition from free-to-air (FTA) television to advertiser-funded streaming television (FAST) marks a significant milestone. The concept of FAST has been propelled into the mainstream by the likes of Amazon and Tubi, setting a precedent for high-quality content delivery that is both global and precise in audience targeting. This shift has ushered in an unprecedented era where broadcasters can leverage streaming technology and data analytics to measure revenue streams instantaneously.

The Efficiency Challenge

Despite the promising horizon, FAST’s current model is not without its challenges. The initial focus on technology over content has led to an inefficient system where the lion’s share of advertising dollars is consumed by tech giants rather than content creators. The gross ad-trading model, which averages around $0.50 per hour per device, surpasses traditional cable and satellite revenues. However, the net income for broadcasters is a mere fraction of this figure.

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FAST Channel Ad-dollar sharing is killing broadcast

A Sustainable Model

The solution lies in streamlining the process. By reducing the intermediaries who take a cut from the earnings, a more sustainable model emerges for broadcasters and content creators alike. This approach ensures that a larger portion of the advertising revenue reaches those who are at the heart of content creation.

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View TV’s FASTER Initiative

In response to these industry dynamics, View TV has introduced its FASTER service, a component of the View TV Cloud. This service promises an end-to-end solution for broadcasters aiming to maximize their advertising fill rate. With features like a live revenue and audience dashboard, along with efficient global distribution, FASTER is designed to manage the complexities of modern broadcasting. It ensures that broadcasters receive a substantial two-thirds of the gross revenues, aligning with the traditional TV model and requiring minimal changes to their existing operations.

As the media world continues to adapt, FAST technology stands as a beacon of progress, offering a viable path forward for broadcasters worldwide. The introduction of services like FASTER by View TV is a testament to the industry’s resilience and commitment to innovation, ensuring that quality content remains accessible and profitable in the digital age.

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Creating new TV using Streaming

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