YouTubers adopting FAST with View TV Studios

YouTubers adopting FAST – YouTubers are some of the most popular and influential content creators in the world, with millions of fans and subscribers who watch their videos on YouTube, the world’s largest video platform. However, YouTube is not the only way for YouTubers to showcase and monetize their content. Thanks to View TV Studios, a platform that works with content owners and video content distributors to create, distribute and monetise video libraries in the form of FAST Channels, AVOD, SVOD & TVOD using CTV Distribution and the Kapang Connected TV Platform, YouTubers can now adopt FAST channels with the same revenue model as YouTube, and enjoy a substantial additional revenue stream and extended reach.

FAST channels, or free ad-supported streaming television, are a new and popular form of streaming content, that offer free linear and on-demand content to viewers, across various genres and platforms. FAST channels are monetized through advertising, which can be traditional, interactive, or programmatic. FAST channels have many advantages over legacy TV channels, such as lower costs, higher flexibility, and wider reach.

View TV Studios allows YouTubers to create and manage their own FAST channels, using View TV Play, a cloud TV playout solution that allows linear television broadcasters of all sizes to create, curate, manage, and deliver linear television services to multiple analogues, OTT, and Connected TV platforms. View TV Play uses the latest cloud technology to provide high-quality and reliable streaming TV channels that can reach and engage with diverse audiences. View TV Play also allows YouTubers to customize and optimize their content offering and user interface for different languages and cultures, using View TV’s cloud-based tools, such as FAST Channel Builder, FAST Channel Distributor, and FAST Channel Analyzer.

View TV Studios enables YouTubers to monetize their FAST channels through advertising and sponsorship models, using View TV Marketplace, a video ad-buying platform that provides the advertising and sponsorships to monetize fantastic FAST Channels and their associated AVOD services across global CTV Platforms to deliver sustainable earnings for broadcasters & content owners. View TV Marketplace uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide 100% ad fill, meaning that every ad break is filled with relevant and targeted ads, and that no ad revenue is lost. View TV Marketplace also allows YouTubers to track and measure their ad performance and impact, and to access real-time data and insights on their revenue streams, using View TV Cloud, an integrated cloud broadcasting service that provides FAST Channel playout, broadcast-grade CDN, integrated SSAI, View TV Ads, and View TV Studios content.

View TV Studios offers YouTubers the same revenue model as YouTube, which is a 51/49 split, where YouTubers get 51% of the net revenue, and View TV Studios gets 49%. This is a fair and transparent revenue model with no operational costs, that can generate substantial and sustainable revenue and profit for YouTubers, and that can offer different revenue options, such as advertising, sponsorship, subscription, or pay-per-view.

View TV Studios distributes and delivers the FAST channels and the AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD content across multiple platforms and devices, such as Samsung TV Plus, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, using View TV Connect, a cloud TV distribution solution that enables any existing broadcaster to become a master of CTV and Streaming TV with minimal operational change and maximum results. View TV Connect uses cloud-based infrastructure and automation software to provide zero cost distribution, meaning that YouTubers do not have to pay any fees or commissions to the platforms or devices that they distribute their content to. View TV Connect also allows YouTubers to leverage the popularity and quality of these platforms and devices, and to enhance the user experience and satisfaction.

By adopting FAST channels with View TV Studios, YouTubers can enjoy a substantial additional revenue stream and extended reach, as they can showcase and sell their content to a large and diverse audience, especially the younger generations who are more likely to consume content on social and streaming platforms. YouTubers can also provide more value and variety to their viewers, by offering free and entertaining content, as well as interactive and personalized features, such as live chats, polls, quizzes, and more.

View TV Studios’ CEO, Jamie Branson, said: “We are very excited to help YouTubers adopt FAST channels with the same revenue model as YouTube, using View TV Studios. We are partnering with some of the most popular and influential YouTubers in the world, and we are providing them with the best streaming solutions and services in the market. We are confident that View TV Studios will help YouTubers grow and succeed in the streaming industry, and to provide more value and variety to their viewers and advertisers.”

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