Independent Film Production Companies are turning to streaming for a sustainable business model

How Independent Film Production Companies Neglect to Add a Marketing Budget and How Kapang is Empowering Production Studios to Monetize Their Content Using FAST and AVOD

Independent film production companies often face many challenges and risks when making and distributing their films, especially in the face of increasing competition and costs. One of the most common and critical mistakes that independent film production companies make is neglecting to add a marketing budget to their film budget.

A marketing budget is the amount of money allocated to promote and advertise a film, both before and after its release. A marketing budget can include costs for creating and distributing posters, trailers, press kits, social media campaigns, websites, and other promotional materials. A marketing budget can also include costs for attending and submitting to film festivals, hiring publicists and agents, securing distribution deals, and organizing screenings and premieres.

A marketing budget is essential for any film, especially for independent films, because it can help to:

  • Generate awareness and interest for the film among potential viewers, investors, distributors, and critics.
  • Build and maintain a loyal and engaged fan base for the film and the filmmakers.
  • Increase the chances of getting positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations for the film.
  • Boost the box office performance and revenue potential of the film.
  • Enhance the reputation and credibility of the film and the filmmakers.

However, many independent film production companies neglect to add a marketing budget to their film budget, or they allocate a very small and insufficient amount for marketing. This can be due to various reasons, such as:

  • Lack of knowledge and experience in film marketing and distribution.
  • Lack of funds and resources to invest in film marketing and distribution.
  • Lack of time and planning to develop and implement a film marketing and distribution strategy.
  • Lack of confidence and trust in the quality and appeal of the film.
  • Lack of vision and ambition for the film and its future.
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Independent Film Production Companies

The consequences of neglecting to add a marketing budget to a film budget can be devastating for independent films, such as:

  • The film may not get noticed or recognized by the target audience, the industry, or the media.
  • The film may not get accepted or selected by film festivals, distributors, or exhibitors.
  • The film may not get a wide or timely theatrical release, or it may go straight to video-on-demand (VOD) or streaming platforms.
  • The film may not generate enough revenue to cover the production costs, let alone make a profit.
  • The film may not achieve its artistic and commercial goals, or fulfill its potential.

Therefore, independent film production companies should not neglect to add a marketing budget to their film budget, but rather, they should consider it as an integral and indispensable part of their film budget. They should also seek professional help and guidance from film marketing and distribution experts, such as Kapang.

Kapang is a global streaming service that offers live TV, FAST channels, and AVOD content, using the Kapang CTV Platform. Kapang is empowering production studios to monetize their content using FAST and AVOD, by providing them with the following advantages:

  • Kapang allows production studios to create and manage their own FAST channels, using Kapang Studios, a platform that works with content owners and video content distributors to create, distribute and monetise video libraries in the form of FAST Channels, AVOD, SVOD & TVOD using CTV Distribution and the Kapang Connected TV Platform.
  • Kapang distributes and delivers the FAST channels and the AVOD content across multiple platforms and devices, such as Samsung TV Plus, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, using Kapang Connect, a cloud TV distribution solution that enables any existing broadcaster to become a master of CTV and Streaming TV with minimal operational change and maximum results.
  • Kapang monetizes the FAST channels and the AVOD content through advertising and sponsorship models, using Kapang Marketplace, a video ad-buying platform that provides the advertising and sponsorships to monetize fantastic FAST Channels and their associated AVOD services across global CTV Platforms to deliver sustainable earnings for broadcasters & content owners.

Kapang’s CEO, Jamie Branson, said: “We are very excited to empower production studios to monetize their content using FAST and AVOD, using the Kapang CTV Platform. We are partnering with some of the most talented and innovative production studios in the world, and we are providing them with the best streaming solutions and services in the market. We are confident that Kapang will help production studios grow and succeed in the streaming industry, and to provide more value and variety to their viewers and advertisers.”

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