Kapang FAST PLUS – A Revolutionary FAST Fix for Streaming TV Broadcasters

Kapang FAST PLUS – Kapang has officially embraced FAST PLUS by View TV, a revolutionary solution designed for streaming TV broadcasters of various scales. With FAST PLUS, broadcasters can smoothly shift from cable and satellite TV to streaming TV, enjoying increased revenues, reduced costs, first-party data, and an enhanced user experience. Launch a Streaming TV Channel in just 28 days.

“Kapang FAST Plus seamlessly integrates with leading FAST Channel Cloud TV Playout origin service providers, enabling you to deliver your channel to audiences without altering your workflow. With Kapang FAST Plus, you can also retain 100% of ad revenues.”

Nicky Scanlon – Head of Channel Operations – Kapang

Where can audiences engage with Kapang?

Kapang stands as a device-independent CTV platform, presenting traditional publishing simulcast streaming TV channels and FAST Channels under the traditional TV revenue model. Accessible on a variety of devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Apple iOS, Android TV, and more.

In a strategic move, Kapang has introduced FAST PLUS to its distribution model, targeting existing FAST, cable and satellite channels seeking online streaming options. FAST PLUS harnesses the strengths of FAST Channels, offering free ad-supported TV, linear programming, and compatibility with connected devices. It effectively addresses the drawbacks of FAST Channels, such as low ad revenues, limited content genres, and challenges in audience retention.

“FAST Channel Distribution stands as a crucial element for every Streaming Broadcaster. Kapang has simplified the process for all, providing an EPG purchase that mirrors satellite and cable TV services. Now, as a content provider, you can swiftly launch your channel, reach audiences in a matter of days, and embrace great monetisation with a 100% Ad-fill for amazing user experiences sourced from the distinctive Kapang Backfill catalog.”

Jamie Branson – Founder Kapang

Kapang FAST Plus avoids revenue share stack-up….

Kapang FAST PLUS allows broadcasters to keep 100% of their advertising and sponsorship revenues, by paying a simple SaaS fee that covers all the essential services for streaming TV, such as transcoding, CDN, SSAI, ad-fill and platform distribution. FAST PLUS also provides broadcast-grade quality and reliability, as well as global reach and scalability.

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Cash is King in FAST Channel Broadcastering

How does Kapang solve the FAST channel problems?

Kapang FAST PLUS solve traditional FAST Channel problems by providing:

  • Pick a dedicated EPG and launch a channel in days with no FAST Channel selection process,
  • Retain 100% of revenue earned from the chosen advertising agency, Kapang takes no revenue shares,
  • Launch a compatible channel within 7 days using Kapang or any approved third-party technology provider such as View TV, Wurl and Amagi,
  • Kapang will backfill 100% of all ad-pods for approved channels with a minimum floor price to make sure no slates are shown to the viewer,
  • You can launch as many channels as you require subject to costs without having to convince Kapang that multiple channels should be deployed,
  • You are provided with 24/7 dashboard with earnings and audience data to curate your channel based on audience statistics.

Launch a FAST Channel and launch with Kapang FAST PLUS by grabbing your unique EPG number in one of fourteen genres across multiple audience regions.

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