Kapang K2 Platform launches for FAST global rollout

Kapang K2 Platform expands reach and channel line-up for global rollout using automated Geo Channel technology to deploy channels and support monetisation based on the viewer’s global location.

Kapang K2 has the following unique features for FAST channels and AVOD Distributors –

  1. Kapang K2 delivers 100% advertising break fill for all channels in all countries to maximise audience experience using a four-tier addressamatic ad-fill schedule,
  2. Kapang K2 can deliver channels by country from a single country to the whole world to maximise audience reach dynamically on a single app infrastructure,
  3. Kapang K2 is delivered across 39 independant platforms using the same centralised solution allowing for FAST Channel deployment,
  4. All FAST Channels can be tested and delivered within a 7 day period using the View TV Cloud integration,
  5. All Kapang K2 Platform clients get access to a live dashboard for monetisation reporting,
  6. All Kapang K2 Platform channel partners have access to 7 day payment terms on advertising payments using FASTPAY,

Kapang, a global streaming service offering live TV, FAST channels, and AVOD content, has announced the launch of K2, a new and improved platform supporting more than 100 countries and regions. Kapang K2 platform is a result of Kapang’s partnership with View TV Studios, a leading provider of FAST channel solutions, and View TV Cloud, a leading automation software provider.

The Kapang K2 platform uses advanced technology and features to deliver a seamless and personalized streaming experience to viewers and to provide a scalable and profitable streaming solution to content owners and operators. K2 enables Kapang to:

  • Offer AVOD, SVOD, and live TV content options, as well as ticket-based live events, to cater to different viewer preferences and needs. Kapang can also offer different subscription plans and payment methods, to suit different viewer budgets and markets.
  • Support globalization and geo-blocking per broadcaster, to enable content owners and operators to reach and serve different countries and regions, and to comply with different content rights and regulations. Kapang can also customize and optimize its content offering and user interface for different languages and cultures, using Fast Broadcaster’s cloud-based tools, such as FAST Channel Builder, FAST Channel Distributor, and FAST Channel Analyzer.
  • Automate global platform builds per country, to reduce the time and cost of launching and running a streaming service in different markets. Kapang can also automate and streamline its workflows and processes, using Nintex’s automation software, such as Nintex K2 Five.

Kapang’s CEO, Jamie Branson, said: “We are thrilled to launch K2, our new and improved platform that can support more than 100 countries and regions. K2 is a game-changer for us, as it allows us to offer AVOD, SVOD, and live TV content options, as well as ticket-based live events, to support globalization and geo-blocking per broadcaster, and to automate global platform builds per country. K2 is a result of our partnership with our sisterm business View TV, who have provided us with the best FAST channel solutions and automation software in the market. We are confident that Kapang K2 will help us grow and succeed in the streaming industry, and to provide more value and variety to our viewers and advertisers.”

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Kapang K2 FAST Plus Platform

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