Avoid multiple ad-tech taxes and triple your earnings on AVOD and FAST channels with Kapang adX

The media landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, with Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels and content creators leading the charge towards a more independent, creator-centric future. This revolution is not just about breaking away from traditional television platforms; it’s about establishing a new paradigm where creators and broadcasters have the autonomy to deliver content directly to their audiences without barriers.

The Independence Imperative for Studios and Broadcasters

FAST channels empower creators to operate outside the confines of traditional TV networks, providing specialist services that cater to niche audiences. This independence is crucial for fostering a diverse media ecosystem where variety thrives. Creators and channel brands are granted the control to succeed on their own terms, with the freedom to take risks within a preset technology stack.

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Free Streaming in Hollywood – Streamwood

The YouTube Parallel – Can studios live off YouTube…. no!

YouTube has long been a bastion for semi-professional video content creators, offering a zero-cost technology platform with a uniform set of tools for all. However, the platform’s revenue-sharing model, which takes about half of the advertising revenue, poses challenges for premium content producers, live event organizers, and television broadcasters. The disparity in ad revenue compared to ad-funded television, where fewer ads are played per hour, further complicates the financial viability for high-end content providers.

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Hollywood TV – TV is not dead it is just in a state of flux

Kapang’s Innovative Approach – A hybrid approach as a solution

Recognizing these challenges, Kapang has stepped in to provide a centralized platform service tailored for premium content creators. By integrating the best aspects of CTV and YouTube, Kapang offers a supplier-agnostic service that simplifies the process, boasts impressive technology, and provides revenue shares that rival traditional broadcast TV and movie theaters. This is achieved through a technology subscription and an opex-based content delivery fee model that is cost-effective and generates higher earnings than YouTube, thanks to a premium ad stacks, the additional integration of in-video ads and sponsorships.

Kapang’s platform is akin to the “YouTube of broadcasting,” allowing content creators, libraries, and linear broadcasters to establish their brand and market their niche, all while generating sustainable revenue. The platform addresses the issue of poor ad-fill rates and fragmented ad sales by introducing Kapang Adx, a solution that streamlines the ad-acquisition process, provides 100% fill and maximizes average advertising revenue rates for FAST content channels to provide an overall killer revenue model.

Empowering Creators and Broadcasters using a single approach

With Kapang, barriers to traditional CTV distribution are dismantled, enabling any compliant content channel to broadcast without a cumbersome selection process. The platform provides live dashboard reporting, detailed audience statistics, and eliminates the need to integrate multiple technical service providers. Kapang also plans to offer industry education and networking opportunities to ensure channel partners maximize their business potential.

Why does it need to change, nobody said, and why now?

The FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels ecosystem is experiencing a paradoxical growth. On one hand, there is an explosion of content and platforms catering to diverse audiences. On the other hand, the ecosystem’s evolution is hampered by the multitude of independent companies entrenched in the current model, each profiting from various aspects of the service chain—from ad-fill, ad decisioning and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) and AI-driven advertising yield optimization they all take a slice of the action.

These companies charge preferential Software as a Service (SaaS) fees with no performance guarantees, creating a complex web of financial dependencies that disincentivizes change. The result is a status quo where each entity benefits from the inefficiencies of the system. The primary issue—creating a sustainable, creator-friendly ecosystem—remains unaddressed as it does require a YouTube approach and the independent parties are not wanting to take on the challenge. The motivation to innovate and streamline is dampened by the short-term gains these companies make from the existing fragmented and often opaque market structure.

In essence, the FAST channels ecosystem is caught in a cycle where the very players that could drive change are the ones benefiting from its slow pace. This creates a challenging environment for content creators and premium broadcasters who seek a fair and transparent path to monetization. Until there is a collective shift towards a more unified and equitable model, the ecosystem will continue to be characterized by its sluggish transformation, despite the dynamic content landscape it supports.

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The Robin Hood of Media Studios

Conclusion – The Future of TV and Video Businesses

Kapang’s ecosystem allows content creators, broadcasters, and content libraries to run profitable businesses that mimic a corporate version of influencers on YouTube. With the flexibility to choose their own brand, niche, playout, storage, and editing solutions, the monetization and audiences engagement solutions just got simpler. As FAST channels continue to grow, platforms like Kapang will play a pivotal role in shaping a media environment where independence, creativity, and niche engagement are the cornerstones of success. The future of media is here, and it’s independent, diverse, and creator-driven.

Content is King, tech is required and audiences want greater quality. Drive the revenues you require to meet audience demands whilst avoiding the fragmented distribution headaches.

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Content is King in the world of television

Check out how you can engage with Kapang at https://viewtvx.com/kapang-tv/

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