Revolutionizing FAST Channel Playout and Distribution: Kapang’s FAST and Seamless Solution with View TV

In the dynamic landscape of media and content distribution, the demand for efficient and speedy FAST channel playout and distribution models has never been greater. Kapang, a leading player in the industry, has taken a significant leap forward by partnering with technology specialist View TV to create a groundbreaking solution that suits niche and national broadcasters alike.

This innovation aims to empower content distributors and channel brands to create and establish FAST Channels on Kapang swiftly and seamlessly using broadcast-grade technology with no capital expenditure whilst avoiding steep committed monthly fees with no tech provider penalties if it fails to deliver.

Kapang also provides a seamless way of distributing the FAST Channels to various platforms using the same unified reporting dashboard, while ensuring premium ad fill without any fixed playout or distribution connect fees.

The channel technology is only charged when the channel is being watched, making FAST Playout as easy as AVOD.

The Need for Speed – FAST Channels are about to hit the sound barrier

Traditional channel playout and distribution models often involve multiple suppliers, cumbersome processes, extended timelines, and substantial costs. In an era where content is king, the ability to launch channels rapidly can be a game-changer for both established brands and emerging players in the media industry. Recognizing this need, Kapang and View TV have collaborated to develop a cutting-edge solution that streamlines the entire process, from channel creation to distribution whilst empowering the content brands all billed as the channel is watched.

Is this not just Free FAST Channel Playout?

No, this is not Free FAST Channel Playout. Kapang is not providing Free Playout it is merely displaying the confidence in its tools to bill channels when they are watched and generating income whilst having confidence that the channels are being constructed using a premium solution with all of the key elements to ensure FAST monetization is maximised.

Kapang has spent a lot of time working with channels with cheapened sudo playout solutions that fail to deliver the correct format of metadata and fail to deliver continuity and quality due to their lack of confidence in generating any revenues.

As more than half of the FAST Channel playout solutions fail to meet the grade of television services expected by audiences and advertisers and they even charge upto $1,000 per platform to deliver the sub-parr channel to Kapang.

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The Future of TV is FAST

Kapang thought it would be more effective to invest time and funding into providing a broadcast-grade solution that all channels could afford to maximise the revnues from their content library and channel brand.

With View TV and Kapang they get game changing solution without having to justify high fixed charges refocusing their energy on channel brand, channel curation, content marketing and content creation or aquisition.

With Kapang enabling the affordability of great technology and working as a team, the rewards around the joint effort are exponentially higher than any of the existing solutions on the market.

What are the key features of the Kapang and View TV Solution

Key Features of the View TV FAST Channel Playout and Distribution Model:

  1. Rapid Channel Launch: Kapang’s partnership with View TV allows content distributors and channel brands to create and launch Fast Channels within days. This accelerated timeline is achieved through optimized workflows and advanced technologies, reducing the traditional barriers associated with channel establishment.
  2. Unified Reporting Dashboard: One of the significant advantages of the Kapang-View TV solution is the integration of a single reporting dashboard. This dashboard provides content creators with real-time insights into channel performance, audience engagement, and ad metrics across all FAST Channels on all platforms and it is all collected live every 5 minutes. This consolidated view enhances decision-making capabilities and facilitates a more informed content strategy.
  3. Multi-Platform Distribution: View TV’s FAST Channel Playout and Distribution Model isn’t limited to the Kapang platform alone. Content creators can effortlessly distribute their FAST Channels to various OTT and CTV Platforms, reaching a broader audience and maximizing their content’s impact without any fixed distribution fees.
  4. No Playout or Distribution Connect Fees: Unlike traditional models that often involve hefty fixed playout and distribution connect fees, Kapang’s solution offers a cost-effective alternative. Content creators can enjoy the benefits of the platform and its distribution capabilities via a simpel CDN fees, so you only pay for the technologies solution if the channels is being watched, making it an attractive proposition for both established and emerging players.
  5. No need to move your playout service: If you already have playout with another service provider this can be ingested and conformed with the same SaaS model providing a very flexible model for all levels of broadcaster.
  6. Unlimited AVOD – Add all of your content series and films to Kapang without any additional costs and make them available on the Kapang app on-demand to all global users.
  7. Guaranteed Ad Fill: The integration of a guaranteed ad fill mechanism ensures that FAST Channels on Kapang experience uninterrupted revenue streams. This feature is crucial for content creators looking to monetize their channels effectively. This is achieved via a direct ad-sales team and addressable advertising campaigns delivering FAST Channel Advertising with the same confidence as Television has been delivered for decades.
  8. Weekly reporting and invoicing: To provide a more speedy response to channel growth and performance all channels are reported on a weekly basis 52 weeks of the year.
  9. Market your channel to the audiences directly – Kapang and View TV provide the option to market your channels and content by buying discounted advertising across other channels on the platform with a 30-second advert promoting your Kapang Channel Number to drive audiences internally to your channel or slash out on making yourself one of the editors picks for a few days.
  10. Assisted Launch – To get your channel off to a great start the Kapang team will actively build your first month’s schedule with your own Dedicated Channel Manager who will mentor and monitor your channel proactively with you to maximise exposure and revenues.

How much does it cost to launch a FAST Channel?

The service costs range from $0.005 – $0.02/Gb using a standard CDN model with all broadcast facilities such as FAST Channel Monitoring, FAST Channel Playout, FAST Channel Reporting and FAST Channel CDN Distribution embedded into a no-commitment OPEX-driven model.

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Is their premium services for VIP Channels wanting to list higher?

Premium channels can reduce CDN fees, increase revenue shares and have a higher EPG position by pre-purchasing opex fees or additional services. Branded placement on the Platform can provide advantages over other channels.

View TV Connect Conclusion:

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently is paramount. Kapang, in collaboration with View TV, has introduced a revolutionary FAST Channel Playout and Distribution Model that empowers content distributors and channel brands to navigate this landscape with ease. With accelerated channel launches, a unified reporting dashboard, multi-platform distribution, and a cost-effective fee structure, this solution is set to redefine the way content is created, distributed, and monetized. As the industry continues to evolve, innovations like these will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping its future.

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